Mr. Skin Podcast Ep 29: Mr. Skin at the AVN Awards - Part 1

Mr. Skin and Andrea Lowell spent last week at the pornstar-studded Adult Video News Awards, and they have plenty of stories to tell! read more

Lee O'Denat Dead; Possibly Killed in Hair Pulling Ghetto Girl Fight

Lee O'Denat, founder of WorldStarHipHop, was found dead in his bed at forty-three. That probably won't be the full and final details of his death. You know at forty-three you still expect to wake up in the morning. read more

Shia LeBeouf Working to Draw (VIDEO)

If you imagine the bubble that is New York or Los Angeles you imagine people looking around after the election confused that not a single person they know or watch or read or friend or re-Tweet voted for Donald Trump and yet he won the election. read more

Elsa Hosk In A Thong Bikini In Cancun And Shit Around The Web

Elsa Hosk wears a tiny thong bikini in Cancun. The quality and bank account of men you will meet is inversely proportional to the size of your swimsuit. Practical math. read more

Paris Jackson Has Vague Conspiracies

The most positive thing you could muster about Michael Jackson's legacy is that, at best, he was a complicated man with a number of dark secrets. At worst, he makes Jared Fogle seem like a good babysitter option. read more

British Entertainment People Also In Need of a Punch

Ewan McGregor pulled out of his Trainspotting 2 promotional interview on Good Morning Britain five minutes before air when he learned that Piers Morgan would be on the opposing couch. What's McGregor's rift with Morgan? read more

Oscars Tries to Get Just the Right Amount of Black Actors

After the 2016 OscarsSoWhite hashtag caused Hollywood to feel a tinge of regret during their evening of self-adulation, the Academy coincidentally nominated a record six black actors and actresses for the 2017 edition. read more

Britney Spears Bio Pic Could Be a Paradigm Shifter (VIDEO)

Britney Spears rose to fame as a child entertainer turned semi-attractive Southern girl pop star who fit the dress. She was an empty vessel with tits and excellent music producers. read more

SNL PC Polices Itself

SNL indefinitely suspended a writer who made a joke about Donald Trump's son Barron. It's pretty uncool to make jokes about a possibly autistic ten year old. In that vein, maybe it's uncool to bring him onstage in front of a hundred thousand people. read more

Hana Gabey Odiele Comes Out As Intersex

Hana Gabey Odiele is a Belgian model who was born with undescended testes. This is when you have an empty nut sack. Usually a boy's balls drop around nine months. read more

Kim Zolciak Insists Her Daughter's Ass Is Untouched

Kim Zolciak who makes babies with men who can support her desire to live in a mansion and look fuckable from a distance into her fifties is taking a stand against people suggesting her nineteen year old daughter has had butt injections. read more

Draya Michele Bikinis Like A Champ And Shit Around The Web

Draya Michele in a teeny tiny bikini will make you smile. You don't need to remember who she is on TV. Look at her ass. read more