Brian Cullinan Screwed the Pooch

PricewaterhouseCoopers fell on the sword for providingthe wrong envelope to Warren Beatty before he made what looked like the last walk of his life on stage to announce the Best Picture Winner alongside Faye Dunaway. read more

Golden Planned Parenthood Pins Snuck Into Oscars

Nothing says rebellious symbolism like wearing a pin so tiny you have to later on direct people to people blown up photos of the pin and explain to them the nature of the rebellion. Emma Stone and a handful of other Oscar attendees living on the bleeding edge of social... read more

Anna Victoria Being Fake Humble

This idiot chick named Anna Victoria gained ten pounds and decided she's an activist. She's an Instagram model. You might ask yourself, is that really a job? Seems more like paint balling or collecting baseball cards. read more

Two Hipster Assholes Wed

Penn Badgley married Domino Kirke in a Brooklyn courthouse. If that sentence doesn't fill you with homicidal rage you're dead inside. Obviously the guy named Penn has a weak beard and obviously the chick named Domino has shitty tattoos. read more

Ariel Winter Butt Cleavage And Shit Around The Web

Ariel Winter knows where her bread is buttered. Tits and ass. Also, drama skills. Bet on the former if you want to live in the big house. read more

Vanity Fair Party Best Ten Minutes of the Night

Vanity Fair chose not to cancel their annual party in favor of a corporate virtue signaling. You know Condé Nast was tempted. It may have to do with the big dollars in co-sponsorships sold to cover the cost of a swank affair that took over half of Beverly Hills in... read more

Kim Jong Nam Assassin Chicks Sticking With Story

The chicks who rubbed VX nerve gas on the face of Kim Jong-un's embarrassingly fat and capitalistic ex-pat brother, Kim Jong Nam, are sticking with their story that they believed they were filming a TV prank show. Any excuse that's never been used before is a solid fake... read more

UTA Shifted Party Dollars

United Talent Agency took a stand this weekend by canceling their luxurious Oscar weekend party and instead hosting an anti seven nation travel ban rally. The Hollywood talent agency used the five hundred thousand dollars saved on the party and made a donation to... read more

Alicia Arden Asked to Cover Up

Who you wearing. Saran Wrap. It's the only truly recyclable dress on this whole damn environmentally conscious red carpet. read more

Mack Attack Cleans House in Girls Wrestling

Mack Begg, a high school girl transitioning into a boy, was allowed to wrestle as a female in Texas and won the State championships. Mack beat several rounds of female wrestlers who neglected to dose up heavy for two years on male hormones. read more

Mama June Fudges Her Fatness

Mama June got gastric bypass surgery sometime back, which means she should in no way be able to take credit for losing weight. They make your stomach smaller. You can't physically eat as much. It would be like a Syrian refugee taking credit for getting a revenge bod. The... read more

Huff Po Writer Cheats In Half Marathon

BuzzFeed and Huffington Post food blogger, Harvard graduate, and avid running enthusiast Jane Seo was busted for cheating on a half marathon by a guy who runs an obsessive NSA style website called Half marathon. Typical lazy lefty blogger. read more