Ashley Graham Still Yapping About Her Fat (VIDEO)

Speaking into a camera for three minutes about your looks is vain by definition. No man would allow a woman to run-on thusly in his presence unless he was super confident there was sex at the end. Even then, five minutes into wonder of me speech and he'd fake an emergency... read more

Jessica Drake Trump Rape Story

There aren't many people left with less credibility than Donald Trump. In fact C-list porn stars might be the only person not deserving the benefit of the doubt since they let people jizz on their chins for fifteen hundred dollars, footage of which can easily be pulled up... read more

Khloe And Lamar Done

Khloe Kardashian is officially divorcing Lamar Odom, coincidentally at the exact moment the news cycle had lost interest. When most people get a second chance at life they for some reason decide they want to do something involving horses. Odom thoroughly reflected and... read more

Sara Jean Underwood Keeping the Rolls

This chick inspires me. I love people that find a niche and milk the shit out of it. This tit may never run dry. read more

Amy Schumer Climbed the Right Ladders and DiCaprio Eaten By His Own On The Last Men on Earth Podcast #64

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast Matt and I deep dive into how infantile supposedly educated people become when discussing politics, wonder whether any DiCaprio types can ever be taken seriously as social activists, worry about the future of rich narcissistic dead... read more

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid Meta Plastic

W magazine put out a photo spread of young models Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid where the celebrity offspring had obviously Photoshopped limbs and features. The outraged on Twitter who are neither paid by the hour or post quickly noted the absence of kneecaps and body... read more

Stella Maxwell Sexy In Short Shorts And Shit Around The Web

Stella Maxwell really fills out those short shorts. If she wasn't a lesbian I could surely score with her. Heteronormative is a burden like none other. read more

Jon Gosselin Accused of Inappropriate Behavior

Whatever shit storm fame whores with eyes for easy money endure during the filming of themselves and their children on reality TV, the real death and dismemberment is reserved for when the cameras have long since gone away. There is no going back from the reality pact... read more

Five Bucks Gets You Into Mr. Skin!

Five freaking dollars. That won't even get you into most 11-inch Subway sandwiches, not if they're warm and moist like the young ladies Jared used to favor. read more

Time's List of 30 Most Influential Teens Didn't Take Much Effort

Watching the legacy magazine business die is merely a matter of watching every decades old publication turn to lowest common denominator celebrity culture listicles. Nobody dies like Chess King anymore, with a quiet leathery dignity. read more

Lady Gaga Ain't No Fucking Madonna

If you work in Accounting, nobody ever peppers you with how your work is reminiscent of Fred, our former Payables clerk. Musicians are forced to listen to reporters and critics compare them to artists that came before them. It's invariably something overly obvious. Then... read more

Captain Planet Is Coming Back Because You Know Why

In the early 1990's Ted Turner got behind a tirelessly didactic animated superhero series intend to encourage kids to become environmentalists. Also, not smoke or steal people's wallets. You know, like kids who don't sort their recycling are apt to do. read more