Paul Sorvino Joins The I Would’ve Beat Up Harvey Bandwagon

January 5, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Paul Sorvino just added his name to the long list of tough guys wishing Harvey Weinstein all the ill-will in the world if they had known earlier. In his senile state Paul may have forgotten that the current year is not 1990 and the Goodfellas film is only a movie. Dementia can easily fool one into believing their last name is actually Cicero and not Sorvino. That didn’t stop him from lobbing threats at Harvey that sounded straight from the Scorsese script. His daughter Mira Sorvino chose to tell everyone about her Weinstein experience through the preferred celebrity method, publicly without a police report.

“He’s going to go to jail. Oh yeah. That son of a b—-. Good for him if he goes, because if not, he has to meet me. And I will kill the motherf—er. Real simple.”

If Paulie and Harvey ever had it out I’d have to put my money on Weinstein. Anyone ruthless enough to rack up more rape allegations than Bill Cosby is not above beating up elderly men. At this point it’s more shocking to hear from a woman in Hollywood who hasn’t seen, touched, or tasted Weinstein’s willy. All of these allegations are the equivalent of a judge adding more years onto a life without parole sentence. It’s overkill and unnecessary. Everyone already assumes that if TWC’s name is attached to a blockbuster film with a female lead Harvey humped her.

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