Taraji P. Henson Wrestling Ageism Against Actresses

January 12, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Now that women are winning the war against sexual harassment in Hollywood phase two of the master plan involves including the elderly in more roles. Age discrimination and the spectrum of what’s aesthetically acceptable needs to get a little wider according to Taraji P.  Henson. Expect to see more wrinkles and more sag this summer. The countdown to a gender flipped reboot of Taken started right after her Jimmy Fallon appearance arguing that women over 40 can still be heroes. Angelina Jolie is over the hill and I doubt a Salt 2 would sell out theaters.


“My point is we see men of all ages over 40 … and they always get these heroic roles. Why don’t you see women like this?

Older women being cast as action heroes doesn’t work in fantasy or reality. Betty White barely beats death every year and now you want her and others to throw on a cape in the name of equality? Women over 40 save money on Tide-Pods, not men in distress in movies. Sometimes a hero has to die and killing too many women in films would cause an uproar. The aspirational class yoga moms catching the usual matinee would lose their minds if Gwyneth Paltrow gave up her life like Leonidas at the end of 300. Being a hero is a hard job. It’s even harder when you try to do it in high heels with 40-year-old feet.

Photo Credit; Pacific Coast News

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