Kara Del Toro Seeing Red and Shit Around the Web

Social media underboob, abundant TV nudity, and more! read more

Nicki Minaj All In For Her Big Brother's Child Rape Case

Maraj could be a random Long Island stepdaddy rapist were it not for the fact he's Nicki Minaj's older brother. The two are close siblings. So much so that Minaj will be the central witness for the defense.  read more

Scarlett Johansson Definitely Tasted Bobby Flay’s Meat

Scarlett Johansson is really getting around when it comes to dating. Her love interest more recently is leaning towards men who know their way around some meat. read more

Paris Jackson Sings Just Like Michael Jackson If You're Deaf

When I saw a bunch of headlines pop up announcing that Paris Jacksons sounded just like her totally biological father Michael Jackson while performing with totally biological cousin Austin Brown in West Hollywood over the weekend, I thought "Duh, why wouldn't she. They're... read more

Sean Penn Couldn’t Stop Netflix Show Labeling Him El Chapo Snitch

How did Sean Penn get wrapped up in pointing the finger on how to find El Chapo? Like any great story involving sex, drugs, and a terrible ending, it starts with “that one time when I was in Mexico...” read more

James Packer Calls Mariah Carey His "Low Point"

Who knows what drives men to make horrible decisions regarding women in their lives. Minus pussy and a nice set of tits, naturally. read more

Taylor Swift Inc. Naked Robot Thing

The brevity of Taylor Swift's relationships is finally making sense now that we know, thanks to her revealing new music video, that she, in fact, does not have a vagina. What we always suspected. Swift Inc.'s music video teaser posted to Instagram looks like an ad for a... read more

Shia LaBeouf Opts For Probation

How is it possible for someone to be so hardcore on camera and then not jump at the opportunity to attend a correctional vacation instead of a community service type sentencing. I’d imagine someone like Shia LaBeouf to be excited at the idea of playing naked gladiators in... read more

Billy Joel Still Knocking Them Up, town Girl

When you’re 68 you should be looking into which retirement homes have the most comfortable furniture, not seeing if your sperm can still swim. Age didn't stop Billy Joel from making another baby.  read more

Hollywood Agent Tyler Grasham Just Wanted to Love the Boys

A number of young actors and boyishly handsome employees in the film business joined a chorus of sexual harassment and sexual assault charges against Hollywood talent agent, Tyler Grasham read more

Lindsay Lohan Feels Left Out

When all the sexual harassment victims told Lindsay Lohan she couldn’t sit with them at the #MeToo table because her harassment was so last season she took the burn book route. read more

Frank Ocean Wins Lawsuit From Father, Going to Have Awkward Thanksgiving

When a father who left your life only comes back to sue you for defamation I would assume any mug in his kitchen claiming he’s the “worlds greatest dad” is definitely a lie. read more