WHAT WOULD TYLER DURDEN DO is a daily gossip blog covering the big stories of the day in entertainment, celebrity, and media culture. Not really covering, so much as ridiculing. Because people who willingly inject neurotoxins into their face to look four days younger deserve a virtual flogging.

WWTDD is not a credible journalistic site for news and information. We’re not even pretending to be. Woodward and Bernstein were assholes, one more than the other, but that’s beside the point. You should not take any supposition, proposition, or any statements in our commentary to be anything other than an attempt at shedding satire on an all too serious world. We mostly just write it so people can tell us we’re not really very funny. If you’re unhappy with something that appears on this site, that means you’re healthy and have real human emotions. You’ve already won. Now go visit CNN or FoxNews or Al Jazeera and get some hard hitting objective reporting.

Despite resembling your grandmother’s GeoCities knitting blog from 1997, WWTDD gets tens of millions of pageviews and video views each month from its loyal reader base mostly visiting the site from their place of work, their school, or their monitored detention facility.

WWTDD is now part of SK Intertainment, so you may find that instead of using words like fuck and shit and tits, we now use terms like bang and damn and tits. There really is no substitute for the last one. If you would like to advertise or arrange for media appearances or just because it’s late and you’re lonely, please contact james@skintertainment.com.