The Five Most Fucked-Up Moments of the Oscars

By I.W. February 25, 2013 @ 3:01 PM

Last night’s Oscar telecast had so much song and dance numbers that every time they cut back to the host I kept expecting to see Neil Patrick Harris. But Russell Crowe trying to squash the rumors of his awful singing by coming out and singing awfully and Joseph Gordon Levitt dancing out of step with Harry Potter and Ted were only two of many awkward moments during the show, which was so overstuffed and bloated it started to look like Kim Kardashian’s dress by the end of the night. Here are our five favorite most fucked-up moments of Oscars 2013.

5. The lifeless James Bond clip montage the producers clearly stole off Bondfan007′s Youtube account.

4. The dead horse being beaten behind the stage when Shatner appeared as Captain Kirk.

3. The Avengers can save the world from an alien race, but still can’t read from a friggin’ teleprompter

2. When Jennifer Lawrence fell face down, it wasn’t on top of me

1. The Catherine Zeta Jones drag queen playing her during that Chicago tribute

Photo credit: Getty