Girls Prove They Will Strip To Be Instagram Famous

Millennials treat being social media famous the way older generations treated being actually famous. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but having followers and getting likes is similar to being really good at crossfit. Crossfitters are just really good at working out... read more

WTF!? Someone remade TV Show Blind Date with Fucking!

F*ck! This is all real. This is not staged or a parody. This is realread more

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The Naughty Chicks At MyFreeCams Are Better Than Girlfriends

Girlfriends suck. They pretend to be into sex but all they really want is a Pandora charm bracelet to dangle idols of future kids from. That's why the girls at MyFreeCams are so great. You don't have to buy them shit. The site is completely free to use, and you have... read more

It's Been a Long, Hard Week, But You Could Be Harder

This will give you something that'll turn that work week around.  read more

Millennial Couples Have Started Voluntarily Uploading Their Sex Videos Online

Gone are the days of trying to hack your roommate’s iCloud account in order to access their hot girlfriend’s homemade porn stash. In a bizarre new twist, it turns out it’s 2017 and couples are actually voluntarily uploading these videos online themselves. read more