King James DMs PAWG

Lebron James sent a direct message to meaty-assed Instagrammer Rachel Bush. Bush promptly posted a screenshot of the message because that's standard operating procedure for girls who have selected the exciting career field of posting pictures of themselves in thongs to... read more

Bruce Jenner Still Clinging To His Junk

Bruce Jenner is balking at going full Caitlyn. He's not yet ready to give up the package. It's the final step on this wondrous voyage of self-discovery, self-involvement, and self-absorption. When you can grab the cock and nuts out of Master Kan's hands, it is time to... read more

Coco Porn Props Her Baby (VIDEO)

If Coco hadn't been able to conceive a child for her best sex shoot prop ever, she would've had to purchase one in an Albanian bazaar. This fucking baby is the best thing that ever happened to the kumquat shaped model. Coco's photo and video work over the last four... read more

Iggy Azalea Jokes About Slicing Off Nick Young's Cock

In the wake of Lakers scrub Nick Young getting busted on video talking about fucking other girls, fiancée Iggy Azalea has threatened to go Lorena Bobbitt on him. Which isn't really Lorena Bobbitt since she went Lorena Bobbitt without warning.  "I already said one more... read more

Josh Homme Gets All Up In Fan's Grill

Video of Queens of the Stone Age lead singer, Josh Homme, berating an autograph-seeking fan has emerged. Homme aggressively upbraids the guy, calling him a "fucking loser" and "spoiled motherfucker." It would be easy to call out Homme for bad behavior until you realize... read more

Kate Middleton Has Some Nasty Dogs

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and the bald guy she married because he's worth billions visited India. India used to be a colonial territory in the British Empire until Indians realized fighting British guys isn't super hard. The royal couple removed their shoes for... read more

Dunham Stumps for Hillary

Lena Dunham has committed to consuming nothing but partially hydrogenated oils and barn owl hatchlings until Hillary Clinton is sworn in as the first female President. Lena and her cult like following of Upper West Side feminists and the HBO executives scared shitless of... read more

Models Reminding You That You'll Never Fuck a Model

As if 5'10" size-zero girls with enough money to afford designer dresses didn't represent an elite enough class already, now they're launching an invitation-only app to highlight their exclusivity. Models you jerk off to and the rich male toads they fuck for money... read more

Caitlyn Jenner Conveniently Timed Tits

According to a new book about the Kardashians, friends of Jenner argue that Jenner timed his public gender transition to distract from the fact that he murdered someone with his car. Before Bruce got into the accident, he gave the world hints about his true sexuality.... read more

Jennifer Lopez Teams Up with Dr. Luke

Former Fly Girl Jennifer Lopez released a new song. Boring. The catchy new auto-tuned ditty was produced by Kesha accused rapist, hit maker and star music producer Dr. Luke. Kesha has lost every significant court battle against Dr. Luke, but she dropped the word "rape"... read more

Kim Kardashian Geo-Political Porn Star

Azerbaijan is in that region of Eurasia that no one really knows or gives a shit about unless they're bauxite speculators. Borders change weekly, corrupt mustachioed officials scream at each other in non-HD video clips, and the West cares only if there's a possible... read more

Lena Dunham Fat Girl Gatekeeper

Lena Dunham is obsessed with her own every bowel movement. Filled with corn niblets and license plates as it is. You can't pretend her narcissism is method acting anymore. Even Daniel Day Lewis doesn't stay in character for five years. Dunham injected herself into the... read more