Karrueche Tran Shocked Chris Brown Likes To Hit Women

Every time you live stream yourself wing suit leapingoff the Alps, you run the risk of being that dude whose death makes for excellent YouTube fodder. Every time you date Chris Brown, you're going to get your ass beat. read more

Paris Hilton Not a Feminist Per Se

To Paris Hilton's credit, she specifically avoids referring to herself as a feminist, which is the reflex of every single other famous women despite zero credentials. Hilton stops at being happy to be a generic role model for girls. read more

Monster Energy Girls Boobs Under Fire

Numerous complaints came into Fox and NASCAR about the revealing outfits worn by the Monster Energy promotional girls hanging around the Daytona 500 TV coverage. According to those upset, NASCAR is a family program. read more

Pedophiles in Obvious Places

If you've been saving a fake aghast expression, now's the time to deploy. It turns out grown men who work with girl gymnasts might be inappropriately touching the girls. If you're in a business where even if you're not a pedophile you're easily subject to allegations... read more

Bella Hadid and Stella Maxwell Kickoff Milan With Nipples

Fashion Weeks are like the Annual Fundraising Drives at your local elementary school, they take place five times a year and everybody pretends that's kosher. read more

Rihanna Is Your Humanitarian of the Year

Rihanna's Humanitarian of the Year Award from Harvard University surprised many people who didn't realize you could be a hard partying auto-tuned pop star and also be extremely charitable. read more

Jackie Evancho Wants Tranny Toilets Back

Under the former President the nation's schools were ordered to provide self-identified gender restroomfacilities. Nobody knew what that meant so they just told anybody with a dick not wearing a dressto piss in the bushes behind the portables. read more

Sinead O'Connor Pulling Back

Sinead O'Connor has had an interesting past couple of three years. Doubtful she remembers much of it. Facebook Memories will certainly help in that regard. read more

Courtney Stodden Aging Gracefully

Courtney Stodden is divorcing husband Doug Hutchison even though the two are continuing to live together since neither can independently afford rent in Los Angeles. Contrary to fairy tales, the pedophile you meet at fifteen never turns out to be your real soul mate. read more

Viki Odintcova Risks Death To Bring Life to Your Dick (VIDEO)

For the longest time, the limits of the modeling sciences were looking good and showing off your breasts. Everything is about to change. read more

Lea Michele Making Magic

It's been a month since Lea Michele promised her second album heavily influenced by great singers such as Celine Dion and herself and Tiny Tim. Her first album 'Louder' thoroughly tanked but a followup was offered because her Glee following has yet to ebb and she didn't... read more

Kylie Jenner's New Tits Like the Old Tits Only Bigger

It's unclear how many tit jobs Kylie Jenner's undergone since puberty but add up her reps denials and divide by two to be conservative. read more