Angela Magana Blames Sexism for Her UFC TKO

Some people like watching women bloody one another, some find it abhorrent and disconcerting. Two camps. Try not to think too much about what your camp says about you. read more

MSNBC Host Hung Out on Homophobic Slurs

Note to everybody moving forward, skip anything less than pleasant and positive. Read the novel 1984 as a practical instruction manual. read more

Kaley Cuoco Screaming Engagement to Creepy Albino Heir (VIDEO)

Cuoco's latest guy is a Lurch looking fellow who hails from the richest family in Indiana. That's only modestly a backhanded compliment. Karl Cook's dad started Intuit, which among other things, invented and sold Quickbooks software for thirty years. read more

Prosecutors Going After Shkreli's Wu Tang

You may recall that shortly before being found guilty of securities fraud, pharma weasel Martin Shkreli couldn't wipe that creepy shit eating grin off his face. After his guilty verdict, same shit eating grin read more

John Cena Flipped His Discounted Ford GT

Cena took possession of his GT and promptly did what any half-intelligent person would do with the opportunity to unload a supercar at a sizable profit, he flipped it to a new owner. read more

Elliot Spitzer Liked His Leash Taut and His Bottom Stuffed

We live in hard times, when a man can't trust his top price Russian escort to keep his kinky secrets. That may be unduly tough on Russians. Most whores can't be trusted. Neither can the politicians they serve at The Plaza. read more

Geraldo Rivera Fondling Bette Midler, Things Are Getting Yummy

 If you love hearing about unattractive senior citizens harkening back to sexually inappropriate fondling 45-years earlier, this is the story for you: read more

The Weinstein Accusers Now All Hanging Out

Women have exponentially more reasons to form klatches. Up to and including, Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted us in the 90's and we told everybody about it almost seven weeks ago now. read more

ESPN Fires Whoever's Still Left

ESPN claims it's not bleeding people due to losses from its cable subscription audience shrinkage and infuriatingly non-sports sports coverage read more

Garrison Keillor Isn't Dead, But He Is Fired

The long time Minnesota Public Radio Upper Midwest chuckler and all around autistic storyteller host of the Prairie Home Companion, Garrison Keillor, was fired from MPR following an investigation into an undisclosed matter of past inappropriate behavior. read more

America Not Buying This Royal Wedding Hype

Prince Harry isn't really a Prince. He's sixth in line to the idiotic throne of a country that is equal parts stuck in the past and mired in Islamist PC surrender. read more

Josh Gordon Claims He Made $10K A Month Selling Weed at Baylor

Gordon's finally being reinstated by the Browns and is celebrating the chance to re-destroy the remnants of his career by bragging to SI about how he was the master weed dealer on campus at Baylor. read more