Antonio Brown Apologizes (VIDEO)

Antonio Brown apologized for the Facebook Live video he streamed of coach Mike Tomlin's post game speech, in which he ironically told the team to "stay focused" and "keep a low profile." It turns out live streaming stuff in the locker room is against league rules, because... read more

Lamar Odom Can't Break Free (VIDEO)

Prior to entering rehab last month Lamar Odom did a segment on the daytime show The Doctors explaining his decision to some shitty soap opera guy posing as a doctor. It's produced by Dr Phil, so assume its target audience is fat idiots. read more

Chelsea Handler Moving Forward

Variety did a fairly nauseating puff piece about Chelsea Handler, which intimated that her Netflix show may or may not take on a more serious tone in the future because of the Trump elections. read more

Bob Dylan's Grandson Super Cool Model

Levi Dylan is Bob Dylan's grandson and son of Jacob Dylan of The Wallflowers. He is a male model. That's a pretty steep downward trajectory. There may be no better barometer to judge the decline of American society by than the worth of the profession chosen by the progeny... read more

Lindsay Lohan Maybe Turning Muslim

Rumors are going around that Lindsay Lohan may have converted to Islam, although she's probably just trying to marry one of the several rich Arab guys she's fucking. read more

Lamar Odom Coaching The Lakers Makes Sense

The Lakers are a pretty terribly run organization so it would make sense they'd entertain the idea of hiring Lamar Odom to become a coach/team drug dealer. If this happens, bet against the Lakers on the road. read more

Superfly Jimmy Snuka Dead

Jimmy Snuka passed away at his home in Florida, considerably more drugged up and peacefully than that of his ex girlfriend who was found beaten to death in his motel room in the 80's. There weren't any other suspects, and the victim's family won a civil suit against Snuka... read more

Ashley Graham Hulk Smash

When you're known solely for capitalizing on a bizarre cultural perversion seeking to normalize obesity, doing a photo spread where you hoist up a twink is either the best or worst thing you can do. read more

Cody Alan Gay Hick

Country music DJ Cody Alan just revealed he's gay. You know when someone tips you off to a surprise party and you have to act like you're shocked? Alan being an obvious gay would be totally fine and harmless and good for the neighborhood if not for the fact that he was... read more

Leah McSweeney Smears Michael Che

Leah McSweeney is the creator of a clothing line called Married to the Mob, popular among Planned Parenthood regulars and hoes who spend a lot of time in all-inclusive resorts. read more

Steve Harvey Bonafide Idiot

Steve Harvey went on TV and said some shit that was actually racist. Not something fake racist involving a comic book character being hashed out by idiots on Twitter. Concretely racist. It's almost refreshing in a way. You want to rub Lena Dunham's face in it. read more

Vivica A Fox Not Down With The Gays

Vivica A Fox is starring in a Lifetime reality show about her quest to find male strippers for a series of male strip shows she will be producing, so if you know anyone going through menopause, recommend it. read more