Bow Wow Week Long Birthday Party

Snoop Dogg gave Little Bow Wow his rap name after seeing him perform in a nightclub at twelve. He lived well and hard as a teen. It's remarkable Bow Wow hasn't been found dead in the alley behind 1OAK with a needle in his arm. read more

Artie Lange Fired From HBO Show

Artie Lange claimed in a radio interview that he was fired from HBO's everyman comedian cuckold serial Crashing because of his most recent arrest for drug possession. Lange talked openly about the addiction he just can't seem to shake. read more

Tinder Improving NBA's Level Of Play

Home teams have a record low .574 winning percentage in the NBA this season, and one unidentified general manager has theorized it's because players are wasting much less time getting laid on the road and are therefore sleeping more and spending less time at clubs. read more

Terrence Howard A New Man

Terrence Howard has admitted he used to beat his wife, and there are multiple reports of him punching women. Howard had an abusive father who used to beat the shit out of him. If he'd have seen Crash he would have laid it on even thicker. read more

Ashley Graham Cry For Help

Ashley Graham is gone with the subtlety on how 2017 it is to be heavyset. It's the destination and the journey, provided there's an In-N-Out at both locations. read more

Wyclef Jean Detained

Wyclef Jean was detained by the LAPD for matching the description of a robbery suspect. It's tempting to think this entailed merely being black, but the similarities are actually quite remarkable. Unclear if the actual robber also runs a bogus charity. read more

WWE's Paige Sex Tapes Leaked

Pro wrestler Paige had her personal files stolen and leaked without her consent. They are wild. Included are three videos, one of which is a traditional male/female scene shot POV style from behind in a hotel room. read more

Tom Brady's Jersey Thief Identified (VIDEO)

The FBI has an official suspect in the thievery of Tom Brady's Super Bowl jersey. They're also hot on the case of a mattress dealer in Van Nuys who has been removing the warning labels. read more

Juno Gender Biased Table Read

Director Jason Reitman is staging a live table read of Juno, a ten year old moviehe directed which nobody has talked about in ten years. The table read will benefit Planned Parenthood. Can't we just donate twice as much and skip this thing, Honey? read more

Chelsea Clinton Justly Compensated

Bill and Hillary Clinton at some point decided they needed to have a kid to further their political careers. He then wistfully grinned and she cackled in delight as they drew up plans of world domination with their prop baby in tow. read more

Matthew Perry Beat Up Justin Trudeau

Matthew Perry went on Jimmy Kimmel and explained that he and his buddy beat the shit out of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. This while they all attended the same posh French immersion boarding school. read more

Long Island Medium Had Brain Scan

Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, claims she can channel dead people meaning she's either mentally unwell or a charlatan. TLC bet on both and gave her a show. How they'll work in their staple of child rape remains to be seen. Just know the posters are already at the... read more