Will Smith's Obsetrician Is Fucked Up

The guy who delivered Will Smith as a baby is serving life in prison for killing live babies with scissors and then feeding their remains to crabs on the Jersey Shore. Smell a Jayden and Will Smith father/son vehicle? read more

Milo Yiannopoulos Ousted

Milo Yiannopoulos was booted as the editor of Breitbart for a multitude of reasons such as his schtick is super obnoxious even in British. Also, when you try and piss everyone off, some of them get pissed off and turn on you. read more

Reese Witherspoon Stands for Women

Reese Witherspoon claims she started her own production company out of a moral obligation to give women a fair shake in show business. Absolutely not because she wants to make a ton of money by taking advantage of the current sociopolitical climate. read more

Angelina Jolie Eats A Tarantula

Angelina Jolie appears to be doing some image rehab since it became pretty obvious she was lying about Brad Pitt hitting his kid. She had zero concern involving her adopted brood into her own psychological turmoil in an effort to get back at her father. read more

Fran Lebowitz Speaks Truth To Stupid

Fran Lebowitz is a cool writer but in certain situations merely being a homely woman gives her a license to state the obvious without being raked over the coals. She went around to a bunch of parties at Fashion Week and shit all over people who take themselves really... read more

Gwyneth Paltrow Surrounded By Hacks

Gwyneth Paltrow's website Goop appears to have become a common online gathering area for people who nobody likes. When you're never invited to dinner or out for a drink or to otherwise leave your McMansion you gravitate towards buying eighty dollar tubs of skin cream. read more

Scarlett Byrne Nude Model Feminist

Scarlett Byrne will be appearing in the upcoming issue of Playboy, which will correct Hugh Hefner's idiot son's short lived idea to have all the models pose in clothing from Target. Byrne has done some of the Harry Potter movies, probably based on her good looks and not... read more

Karlie Kloss Apologizes For Yellow Face

Supermodel Karlie Kloss apologized for appearingin Vogue's Diversity Issuewearing a kimono, a Geisha outfit, and dressing as a Sumo wrestler. She was immediately and predictably lambasted for participating in cultural appropriation. This has to be trolling. read more

Amanda Knox Gay For The Stay

Amanda Knox seems too crazy to be presumed innocent of murder. She has that look in her eyes. Her boyfriend is a pseudo intellectual hipster doofus. She was also a real hell kitten in the sack. read more

Harrison Ford Playing With Fire

Harrison Ford seems like a pretty fucked up dude. This assertion is based exclusively on the earring. He is somehow constantly sustaining minor injuries like he's a bush league hockey player. If you're doing the math, he's alwaysdrunk. When is the last time a sober... read more

Canadian Facing 7 Years For Pedo Doll

An electrician in Canada is facing child porn charges because he ordered a four foot "prepubescent doll." Your main worry should be the people manufacturing these things. Always picking on the little guy. Also since when do dolls go through puberty? read more

Ed Sheeran Denied

Ed Sheeran's dad is a war criminal, hence he's a tiny man with bad genes. William Wallace's kid would have made less faggoty music. Sheeran and his regressive alleles were apparently shut out of an after party at the Grammy's. read more