Next Norwegian Up And Shit Around The Web

Frida Aasen is your next future Scandinavian swimsuit and lingerie model winner. It's a genetic lottery. Sorry, Serbia, back to the drawing board. read more

Bella Thorne Bikini Vacation Adventure And Shit Around The Web

Bella Thorne doesn't eat or drink and fucks in a healthy manner so she'll look great in a bikini. The least you can do is imagine you can help her career and she wants to say thanks. read more

Mary Beth Haglin Horny Teacher Jailed and Shit Around the Web

Naughty hot Iowa high school teacher gets 90 days for banging student "hundreds of times". God bless America. (Casey Anthony) read more

Chrissy Teigen Gets Naked And Shit Around The Web

Chrissy Teigen is totally naked but for some strategically placed limbs. Gender equality dictates that Teigen doesn't have to take her clothes off to feel rewarded. It's less clear on how the pay works for clothed though. read more

Draya Michele Heats Up Thailand And Shit Around The Web

Draya Michele goes on a bikini adventure in sunny Thailand. She's got quite a body. Do they make a pill yet that renders you unable to speak for a decade? I can see marriage in our future. read more

Chick Assassins Take Out Kim Jong-Un's Brother And Shit Around The Web

Doan Thi Houng nailed the Great Leader's rogue brother with poison chemical spray at a Malaysian Airport. Sinister trained female assassin shit. Kim Jong-Un has got the Bond villain playbook down cold. read more

Alexis Ren In A Bikini Is A Beautiful Thing And Shit Around The Web

Alexis Ren went to the beach and all she brought was a tiny bikini. Maybe a tampon. You really never know. Those pearls are spectacular. read more

Kylie Jenner Sports A Nude Bodysuit And Shit Around The Web

Kylie Jenner wore a see-through bodysuit because that's how she rolls. It's like looking at one of those X-ray photos, though not a real X-ray or you'd see all the diseases. read more

The Belle Knox Bio Pic Has Landed And Shit Around The Web

Duke porn star freshman,Belle Knox, most worthwile Duke student ever, by far, finally got her own bio pic. Basic cable, so may be a bit light on the fisting. Use your imagination. read more

British Soap Opera Chick Seems Hotter Than Ours And Shit Around The Web

Helen Flanagan has big perfect yabbos for a British afternoon TV chick. Imagine shitty soap operas, now with English accents. It's how I picture Hell. read more

Natalie Portman Shows Her Ass And Shit Around The Web

Pre-preggo Natalie Portman shows off her Queen Amidala bare ass in Planetarium. Her husband loved it, until she rolled over and he realized she was a girl. read more

Brittney Jones Blowjob Fugitive And Shit Around The Web

WorldStarHipHop viral video star Brittney Jones blew her boyfriend in the courthouse while there on drug charges. She live streamed it, naturally. Baller. read more