Ask Tyler: Charlie Sheen, Hero or Goat?

Ask Tyler: What's your thoughts on Charlie Sheen? He doesn't work in a cubicle and lives his life his way. Is he your hero? Ask read more

Ask Tyler: Make Me Better in Bed

Ask Tyler: Assume we're stupid enough to believe you when you say you have sex with lots of different women. What are you tips for being better in bed? read more

Ask Tyler: Fuck the Sheeple

Ask Tyler: You call everybody a cubicle working sheep. Why do so many people end up that way if it's so shitty? read more

Ask Tyler: What's Wrong With Watching Sports?

Ask Tyler: Did you really shit on people who watch sports? Do you have any freakin clue who reads this blog? read more

Ask Tyler: Sex Free Marriage Ain't Free

Ask Tyler: My wife and I don't have sex. I want a divorce. I have kids and I don't want to mess up my family. How fucked am I just because I'm a good dad? read more

Ask Tyler: Dating Hot Women

Ask Tyler: I hope the men who read this know that you are joking when you say that you have to be a dumb shit to date attractive women. read more

Ask Tyler: My Boyfriend Cheats

Tyler: I caught my boyfriend cheating. There is no doubt, I saw it on his phone and there is no question. I have not said anything or done anything. In my mind I am done in my heart I think about all the years and the love. read more

Ask Tyler: Where's My Happy Ending?

Dear Tyler: I hope you don't give me an asshole answer. I'm not lying when I saw I'm crying as I write this. I was legit the hot girl growing up. I looked no different than the girls you post on here. One day I woke up, 32, single, never married, no kids. I walk down the... read more

Ask Tyler: How Do I Keep My Man

Tyler: As a married woman I would classify myself as unusually realistic and open minded. I read the stuff you say and agree with half of it. I've been married 4 years but plan to stay married forever. How does a woman keep their husband happy and not bored long term? read more

Ask Tyler: Die, Tyler, Die

Tyler: I have read most of the past few articles and you are a disgusting pig. What a joke that you're giving advice to women. The world would be better off without you in it. read more

Ask Tyler: Slut Shaming

Tyler: I read all these "Ask Tyler" and they always end with the guy sleeping with the girl. Well I will tell you as a female, when that actually does happen then the female gets totally slut shamed for it. Because of that it's not quite going to be as easy as you... read more

Ask Tyler: Donkey Balls

Tyler: Ok, I thought the Ask Tyler thing was going to suck donkey balls. It's kind of funny. So I read the last one about tinder, but what about a guy like me who gets girls numbers at the bar, but has trouble closing the deal? read more