Bree Olson is a good model

Actually the picture agency didn't say who this model was, but I'm pretty sure it's Charlie Sheen's ex and super famous porn star Bree Olson, doing a photo shoot yesterday in the window of the Oliver Peoples store on Sunset Blvd (*). She's probably not actually naked,... read more

Milla Jovovich knows how to make a good commercial (update!)

I'm literally stunned to find out that Avon still exists, so if putting Milla Jovovich in a thong and then having her skirt twirl up wile filming an Avon commercial in New York today was intentional, than it was a terrific idea. If it was not intentional, then it's still... read more

Tara Reid is in Loaded Magazine. For some reason.

Loaded is a magazine in the UK, and it's usually terrific with lots of pictures of really hot girls (in April it was Jennifer Metcalfe, this month they had Hannah Simone, the hot Indian model from ‘New Girl'), but for June someone thought it would be a good idea to have... read more

Kate Upton is a good model, independent muse

Kate Upton has a sexy new photo shoot in Muse magazine, and although these are just embiggened copies of what they put online, some HQ scans should be up soon. Just as soon as someone figures out what the hell Muse magazine is, and where they might buy a copy. [gallery... read more

the hunky dory rugby girls are here to help

The Belfast Telegraph is reporting that some CEO said something about hunky-dory potato chips, and that was all I read because it sort of makes the ad campaign they're still in trouble for topical again, and you can never have too many pictures of hot girls with big... read more

Yvonne Strahovski is the new Sobe bodypaint girl

Two years ago, Sobe tricked Ashley Greene into posing for pictures naked except for some paint, which is not the same thing as clothes at all, in any way. And it was great. Things took a step backwards with a new model last year, but in 2012 Sobe has come back strong... read more

Lauren Sanchez looks fantastic in a bikini

Latin girls all look 35, no matter if they're 35 or 45 or 15. They all have big tits and long shiny hair and too much makeup and it's awesome. Like 'Good Day LA' anchor Lauren Sanchez, who spent the holidays in Mexico. This chick has 3 kids and she still looks incredible... read more

Pam Anderson still looks sorta ok in a bikini

Pam Anderson is in Hawaii with her grabby new boyfriend Jon Rose, and just in case the phrase "Pam Anderson in a bikini" still conjures up good memories, you need to know that the banner picture was selectively chosen so as not to startle anyone. And that she's 44 now,... read more

Punk'd is coming back. For some reason.

The last time MTV was popular was back when they had shows like 'Beavis and Butthead' and 'Punk'd'. And since they've already brought back 'Beavis and Buthead', try and guess what some executive is getting paid millions to do now. Entertainment Weekly says... After... read more

Playmate Hope Dworaczyk says Lindsay is fat

It's easy to take shots at Lindsay Lohan these days, and fun, and 100 percent justified, which is why people do it. Including 2010 Playmate of the Year Hope Dworaczyk apparently, who was asked about Lindsays boring and ugly Playboy shoot. ??"I saw that spread, and I was... read more

ohai Sofia Vergaras ass

Sofia Vergara was on set for 'Modern Family' yesterday, wearing some see-through tights that showed off her fantastic ass. But for some reason they weren't see-through from the front. Despite the 50 filters I tried on photoshop. It's damn near 2012 and we still can't see... read more

Leave me alone!

I was hoping I could hang out with Aida Yespica and Claudia Galanti on Miami beach for 10 minutes without the paparazzi taking a bunch of pictures of us, but I guess not. Is my green speedo sexy? Yeah, obviously, that's why I wear it, but that doesn't give them the right... read more