Drew Carey Dates Up

Seeing self-branded sitcom celebrities win is the dream. Confidence kills that funny fat guy image that has followed you around for the majority of your life. read more

Bella Hadid Handle With Care

Bella Hadid is tearing through Paris like the publicity machine Tasmanian Devil wearing anything that sticks. Her style sensibilities have left her in a bra and bright orange 90's prostitute-inspired garb. Since Hadid looks like she was thirty in the 90's, it all just... read more

Scarlett Johansson Drowning in Rich White Girl Problems

The prep for all female celebrities being interviewed for intellectually rich outlets such as Cosmopolitan involves sitting down with your team and assessing hot button issues for women in the news. Pick two or three, rehearse a response, and hope the interviewer asks you... read more

Kourtney Kardashian Not Serious, Just Fucking

An insider source to the Kardashians, so Kris Jenner, tells the tabloids that Kourtney Kardashian isn't serious about the young model she's hanging with, they're just fucking. read more

Miley Cyrus Clean and Sober

Miley Cyrus has been off weed for nine weeks. The same for booze and other drugs. In the timeline of her substance intake starting with Hannah Montana, it's relatively short, but in terms of sobriety durations for former child actors, nine weeks is a lifetime. read more

New Mothers And Their New Bodies

Did somebody say fourteen postpartum moms showing off their Caesarean scars and distended pelvic pouches? A veritable Golden Corral stretched out flesh buffet. read more

Hayley Hasselhoff Gets A DUI

There are two valid reasons to be asleep at the wheel of your car on the side of the freeway at four am. You've been working triple shifts to make ends meet for the family or you're wasted drunk. Hayley Hasselhoff hasn't collectively worked a single shift. Hasselhoff was... read more

Kendall Jenner Pulling Back on KUWTK

After ten years sharing her deep thoughts and shallow constitution on her family's reality show, Kendall Jenner is leaving to focus on her modeling work. She calls modeling her first love. Shopping for pretty scarves and trying not to bite her nails came in tied for... read more

Porn Star Molly Cavalli Chomped by Shark (VIDEO)

When testing out a new shark proof snorkel cage, a cam girl makes perfect sense. Lively, entertaining, quick on her feet in response to Russ47 from Cliffside who loves black dildos.  read more

Bella Thorne Bush Waxed

Bella Thorne segued out of a slut shaming rant to share her first bikini wax on Snapchat. It's not exactly live streaming a dump, but it's close enough.   read more

Al Pacino Bangs a Chick Half His Age for His Birthday

There comes a time in a man's golden years when he wants to quietly reflect upon his professional and personal adventures and take in some tobacco in a chair overlooking the ocean. If you can afford it, you also want to fuck an Argentinean model chick half your age.... read more

Danielle Bregoli Faces Felonies

You never know what zany antics will happen when you get your violent middle school daughter breast implants and unleash her on the world. If you work backward from the inevitable death by eighteen, you have a timeline of all types of Basketball Diaries shit. Throw in an... read more