I Said "Bullshit" This Morning on Mancow, So the Fuck What?

Here's a fact. I'm not radio friendly. I'm not anything friendly for that matter. Subscribing to archaic Federal bad word laws related to over the air broadcasts is antithetical to my core beliefs. read more

Merry Christmas 2016

The biggest day of the year for heart attacks is December 26th. Which goes to show how hard people will hang on to be able to get loaded and tell off their loved ones. Set to holiday music. read more

SNEAK PEEK: Man Rules, The Beginner's Guide to Manhood

Man Rules: The Beginner's Guide to Manhood is hopefully funny, hopefully telling, and most hopefully, close to grammatically correct. 99 Rules for Re-Masculating Millennial Males for the guy in your family who needs a solid kick in the testosterone. You know exactly who... read more

Don't Forsake the NSFW

All the bare tits you can't see during the day because Starbucks wifi are now under the NSFW nav category. This will not only fool Juicy Juice into buying ads, but it might me into heaven when the time comes. The former being far more important. read more

Why Is That Man Wearing Grandpa's Pants?

The new look site launches today. Please document your every single feeling and hint of emotional hurt. Take that piece of paper, fold it thrice, lightly moisten, and you know what to do next. Someday I'll have children I need to pretend to love. I'm very Iverson when it... read more

WWTDD Done Got Bought

While you were sleeping, WWTDD was sold. I was sleeping too. Though we were not sleeping together. SK Intertainment purchased the site from SpinMedia. SK Intertainment owns and operates a number of sites including the iconic Mr. Skin, which is why you'll see their... read more

Instant Retraction: Carl's Jr. Burgers Are Fucking Awesome

Five seconds ago I made an off-the-cuff and not entirely complimentary remark about Carl's Jr. burgers. Since that time I've come to realize that their burgers are totally fucking awesome and that they might be on our list of intended advertising targets. Not that one... read more

Correction of David Copperfied Story

Last week we posted a satirical commentary making light of David Copperfield's upcoming nuptials with an irreverent aside to a past allegation against the well known magician. The fact is, that criminal allegation has been completely discounted and dismissed by the... read more

I'm Pissed and I Want to Complain, But How?

I've been receiving a bunch of angry letters from the public figures who routinely appear covered on this site. There's no formal process for people to voice their concern over having phrases such as 'urine-soaked tranny' or 'bottomless jizz receptacle' applied to their... read more

Asiana Airlines Horribly Wrong Attorney Naming Contest For Money

Update 7/17: Seeing as how Asiana dropped their lawsuit suddenly, this contest is ending at 3pm Pacific today. Get your entries in now, lazy ass mofo. When I think about how much trouble I'm going to get in for this, I get very happy. Given that Asian Airlines is now... read more

I Know When the Omen Child Will Be Birthed -- Do You Know Her Name? It's Worth 500 Clams

UPDATE 6/11/13: My gynecological claravoyance remains on tract. Baby's coming in less than two weeks. Don't forget to put a name to the demon spawn and win yourself that $500 gift card. - - - - - - - - - - - I have it on pretty crappy authority that the next Kardashian... read more

Somebody's Going to Vegas (And It's Not Farrah Abraham, She Doesn't Like Us)

Congratulations to some dude who calls himself Andrew. In the sea of entries of people with hardships so powerful I became too depressed to play my Scatchers, Andrew nailed the best reason why he deserves this killer trip to Vegas for Memorial Day Weekend. Andrew, don't... read more