CNN Retracts

Journalism as an honest trade is largely dead. Major news outlets are either driven by partisan ideology or the broader issue of being underfunded and understaffed as all the eyeballs and money move toward entertainment. The money always was in entertainment, but... read more

'Fearless Girl' Kills It in France

The ad agencies that reminded America to feel super bad about itself during the Super Bowl, joined forces with their Worldwide counterparts in Cannes for a chance to compliment each other's choice of suits. read more

ESPN Surveys Itself For Liberal Bias

ESPN remains desperate to counter the growing Internet thinking that their subscriber base tanking is due in good measure to the liberal political bias of their TV content. Everybody in the industry understands ESPN's losses have far more to do with having overbid on... read more

Everybody Down With Wonder Woman

Who knows if Wonder Woman will be the first decent DC comics movie adaptation in a very long time. Maybe so. Certainly so is the fact that you better say it is or your permanent record is going to be marked in sexist red.   read more

Memorial Day A Good Day for a Reckoning

Memorial Day is one of those occasions when it's harder for re-Tweeters to pretend their commitment to the social good is not merely an exercise in shrill masturbation.  read more

Wonder Woman Just For Women

“Apologies, gentlemen, but we’re embracing our girl power and saying ‘No Guys Allowed’ for one special night at the Alamo Ritz. And when we say ‘Women (and People Who Identify As Women) Only,’ we mean it. read more

McDonald's Pulls Dead Dad Ad (VIDEO)

Sometimes, you wonder how ad agencies ask for their check with a straight face. Like after watching every single Super Bowl commercial. Or the British McDonald's ad where a kid learns from his mom that his dead dad liked Filet O' Fish sandwiches just like the kid. A real... read more

Skittles Makes Internet Throw Up The Rainbow (VIDEO)

Skittles asks audiences to taste the rainbow with a new Mother's Day ad. But all people are tasting is pre-vomit wet burps. The spot features a mother and her grown son attached with an adult-sized umbilical cord.  read more

Chinese Prison Factory Pen Pals Are the Worst

A woman in Tucson found a secret note from a Chinese indentured factory worker tucked inside her recently purchased purse from Walmart. Roughly translated, the note said, it super sucks to be a locked down factory worker in China. read more

Ja Rule's Fyre Festival Breaks Bad

Ja Rule and his buddies had a brilliant idea. Score some of that sweet ass Coachella cash from the same dummies who pay a relatively small millennial part-workers fortune to hang in the California desert each April. read more

Heineken Ad Unites Adversaries Over Pissy Beer (VIDEO)

Heineken is following in the footsteps of Pepsi by getting political in a new ad part of the #OpenYourWorld campaign. They couldn’t afford Kendall Jenner. Instead we have outspoken Guy Ritchie movie randos with divisive political opinions.  read more

Facebook Live Appealing to Murderers

Giving everybody in the world their own TV channel has proven to be somewhat dicy. You would've thought Facebook Live would have done one or two of the positive things it touted during various CES music-filled promotional videos. Naturally, it's become a sinkhole of... read more