Adriana Lima Erection Maker And Shit Around The Web

Adriana Lima has never taken a bad photo. Her mom's obstetrician saw Adriana in utero and got a boner. That's a hyperbole, but only by a more

Adriana Lima Is Muy Caliente And Shit Around The Web

Adriana Lima's job is to show up to events, strike a pose, and let guys imagine fucking her. The hours are rough, but the pay is good and virtual spooge doesn't leave any stains.

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Adriana Lima Black Lingerie For Love Advent (VIDEO)

I'm pretty sure the Advent is over. But who's going to stop a bunch of foreign models from rolling around in lingerie like they're back in the emir's palace and somebody's plucking a lute. Wait for the zither. Here comes the buggery. None of this really had anything to do with Christmas. So, it's like Christmas itself. One day either the religious Christians will quit their tired gripe about commercialism more

Adriana Lima's Lingeried Tits And Shit Around The Web

Adriana Lima is muy caliente. She makes my Latin blood boil in a good way, not in a have to take blood pressure medicine way. Check out her chichis in lingerie. (Last Men On Earth) Erin Heatherton is topless for your viewing pleasure. (Egotastic All-Stars) Marisa Papen takes off all her clothes. (Drunken Stepfather) I do like a sweaty woman in a sports bra. (The Chive) This is Monika Radulovic and these are her tits....

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Victoria's Secret Intends to Win the Super Bowl

People who say the commercials are the best part about the Super Bowl have never seen Katy Perry sing over a pre-recorded track to staged multicultural fans screaming their heads off. Until they allow tits on network television, the game itself will always be better. You can't beat football with not football and not tits. Victoria's Secret is going to try with a lingerie ad. It'll tempt millions of men to buy more

The 2015 Pirelli Calendar Is Here

Back in the days when you could eat steak rare and colonic with Camel smoke and bang your secretary over a metal desk, men kept pin up calendars on their wall. Now that move will cost you two weeks in a re-education camp beneath Vassar's rugby field. Pirelli has been publishing a calendar of models since 1964, distributed to product resellers in shops and garages across the western world. Most of those calendars have...

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Adriana Lima Seems Helpful

Sometimes I wonder if I wouldn't be happier f I were having copious sex with a Brazilian supermodel girlfriend. It's easy to think so. When my landlord told me I was late with rent again, I'd quit stressing and just start humping my Brazilian supermodel girlfriend. When the entire office noted I was losing to all three girls in my Fantasy Football League, I'd think, girls, heck, I got one of those at home. She's a...

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Adriana Lima Filming in a Thong

Adriana Lima seems like a talented actress. I hate to critique her style but maybe a little lighter on the ass bruises for her thong work. It's always fun to imagine how an attractive woman comes by her sub-gluteal hematomas. I generally go with S&M dungeon paddle, though that's only because jealousy prevents me from admitting it's somebody's thumbs not my own. A little powder could clear that up. Unless you're a...

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Adriana Lima Seems Lonely

I hate to see anybody unhappy. Seeing a good looking woman with a melancholy look makes me want to take her out for a drink while we mock the less attractive people around us. Myself excluded as I'm buying. Adriana Lima wasn't going to stay married to an retired athlete for very long. Super model pussy doesn't work like that. It needs fortune and fame to turn the tumblers. Marko Juric will likely comfort himself with...

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Adriana Lima In Your Dad's Jock

Europeans are always fucking things up. D-Day is as good a day as any other to remember how many times we've had to pull Europe's ass out of the fryer. Do we get so much as a thank you. Hardly. We get cowboy jokes and sneers and mocking condescension from people sipping milk out of eco-friendly non-refrigerate refillable vacu-pouches. It's like having a disaffected Goth kid in the house who eats your food and then...

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Justin Bieber Probably Slept With Adriana Lima

It turns out the Cannes Film Festival wasn't all about being a shirtless dickhead and having Paris Hilton rub her sweaty moose knuckle all over his baby boner for Justin Bieber. According to Us Weekly, the 20-year old singer delivered a death blow to all of his jealous haters by wearing former Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima down until she agreed to go back to his hotel. Justin "pursued her hard" as they more

Adriana Lima Models Sexy Swimwear In The May 2014 Issue Of Vogue Spain

Photo Credit: Vogue Spain [gallery ids="1739609,1739611,1739612,1739613,1739614,1739615,1739616,1739610,1739608,1739617,1739618"]

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Adriana Lima Topless And Covered For The April 2014 Issue Of Interview Germany

Photo Credit: Interview Germany [gallery id="3968"]

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Adriana Lima Models Sports Bras For Victoria's Secret

Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret [gallery ids="1733880,1733881,1733882,1733883,1733884,1733885,1733886,1733887,1733888,1733889"]

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Adriana Lima Models Valentine Lingerie For Victoria's Secret

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