Mexico Seems Nice, Part 79

Like the human body, the U.S. has a shithole to its South. The new extracurricular activity in Mexico is for drug cartel workers to spend their off days kidnapping men, women, and children who might have relatives in the U.S. with more disposable cash than the $372... read more

Ali Landry Is Pregnant Again

Ali Landry has never done much to actually be considered famous, other than win Miss USA, star in a Doritos commercial and marry the guy who played Slater on Saved by the Bell for a whopping two weeks. But people still talk about her because she's ridiculously gorgeous.... read more

Ali Landry is a good paddle boarder

Ali Landry went paddle boarding in Maui over the weekend, and "Hawaiian paddle board instructor" seems like a pretty good job. Not only do you get to stare down Ali Landrys top and right at her ass, but if someone like Paris Hilton showed up you could attach a bucket of... read more

Ali Landry still looks incredible in a bikini

Ali Landry wore a purple and white (geaux tigers!) bikini on the beach in Malibu today, and there better have been something pretty god damn important going on for there to only be 8 pictures of it. Was there some kind of Godzilla attack or something that I don't know... read more

Ali Landry is still mostly awesome

Natasha Henstridges birthday party Saturday was sponsored by Absolute vodka (for some reason) and one of the hot bitches there was Ali Landry. At least she was hot most of the time. Then she went outside and put on that goofy hat and those asinine sunglasses. It's... read more

Ali Landry is the winner

It's been a few years since Ali Landry was considered a big deal but she proved in Malibu this weekend that she's still gettin it done, even after a kid at age 35. She was of course Miss Teen USA in 1990, and Miss Louisiana and Miss USA in 1996. I'm biased but this is... read more