Amanda Bynes Breast Recovery And Shit Around The Web

Baby eating crazy former child star Amanda Bynes still looks nuts, but her tits are out. So less nuts by the gentleman's standard. Behold her tight low cut dress. (TMZ) Greek beauty Maria Menounos gives us a peek at her melons. (Last Men On Earth) Tove Lo likes to show... read more

Amanda Bynes Is Out, I Mean, Back

The media world is declaring Amanda Bynes healthy since she made her way to a fashion show in Los Angeles without lighting her hair extensions on fire and using them to incinerate Hmong babies. That seems like a low bar. I'm still hiding the sharp objects when she comes... read more

Amanda Bynes Is Cured!

According to somebody who knows the cousin of Amanda Bynes' mom's Peet's Coffee barista, Amanda is off her meds and doing fantastic. As evidence of such, Amanda has dyed her hair black and announced plans to enroll at USC, much to the chagrin of her hairdresser and the... read more

Amanda Bynes Sleeping in Malls and Shooting Selfies

Being street crazy isn't the same in Hollywood. You grab a couple Z's at the Beverly Center, throw back some vegan Mediterranean on The Strip, a few selfies to fancy up your bipolar Twitter rants, and it's still only ten in the morning. Plenty of time to figure out how... read more

Amanda Bynes Pounding the Watermelon Like Crazy

Amanda Bynes has been hitting up Mel's Diner every afternoon for the past several days ordering nothing but bowls of cut up watermelon. That's not even close to the oddest actress diet in the neighborhood, but when you've just been released from a psychiatric hold,... read more

Lena Dunham Is A Psychiatrist And Shit Around The Web

Lena Dunham has once again made something she has nothing to do with all about her. She's weighing in on the whole Amanda Bynes issue. Lena's well versed in the psychiatric sciences since her naked lumpy character on Girls went crazy. I hope Amanda Bynes eats her. Read... read more

Amanda Bynes Returns to Rubber

When you're crazy, there's no such thing as down time. Over the weekend, Amanda Bynes recanted her child molestation charges, blamed her misguided allegations on a microchip placed in her head, and flew back to Los Angeles where she was tricked into a town car he thought... read more

Amanda Bynes Accuses Dad of Incest

Amanda Bynes latest string of off-her-meds Twitter rants includes her usual conspiracy charges against the media, some racial epithets, and one doozy of an accusation against her father for molesting her as a child. This is almost certainly an empty accusation from a not... read more

Amanda Bynes Is Kid Eating Crazy And Shit Around The Web

Amanda Bynes believes she has a microchip in her head and that people are monitoring her brain. That's some level ten kind of crazy. Or is it? Read all about the conspiracy to control Amanda's mind. (The Superficial) Lana Del Rey's sister Chuck Grant is seriously fucking... read more

Amanda Bynes Is Engaged to Be Crazy

Last year, Amanda Bynes fled criminal charges in NYC by moving back to LA. Now she's trying out the opposite. New York has to be excited to have a battery-recharged Amanda Bynes back in town. Among her latest off-her-meds red semaphore flags are Amanda's interview with... read more

Amanda Bynes Has Gone Rogue, Again

You know what's thrice as likely to kill you than Ebola? Try Amanda Bynes off her psych meds and circling the city in her death beemer. Amanda's anorexic parents said they thought she fled for New York after their conservatorship was lifted and only found out she was... read more

Amanda Bynes Wet Recklessing Again

Amanda Bynes got busted for driving under the influence of something stronger than Benadryl. This is kind of a bummer for all of us who were rooting for Amanda to make it clean through her probation and designing kick-ass t-shirts class at FIDM. You may recall that... read more