Greg Poehler, Internet Troll

There is no ego more fragile than that of celebrity. Those dancing monkeys may claim they're not reading reviews or following gossip tales online, but they are all one-hundred percent lying. Maybe the Kardashians actually can't read, but they hire people who can. They call them their wizards, not as a joke, they just think people who can make sense out of a jumble of letters are mystical beings. The wizards purchase...

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Amy Poehler And Aubrey Plaza Are Making The Nerds All Hot

Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza attended the Hollywood premiere of something called Afternoon Delight yesterday, and that must have had all of the hipster comedy fanboys going crazy, because these girls are like Viagra to them. To make it even better, Aubrey laid her head on Amy's chest ever so gently, while she probably whispered something like, "Let's perform improv while we scissor," and a bunch of magazines named...

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afternoon headlines

KENDRA - is gonna kill me because I was supposed to mention her St. Patricks Day contest sooner than this. So everyone go do this thing for Kendra. I guarantee (*) the winner gets to have sex with her. (*- these statements are not guaranteed) GARY DOURDAN - used the things he learned on 'CSI' to have his girlfriend arrested after she assaulted him. If I were the cop I'd have a hard time taking this seriously. I' more