R. Kelly Sex Brigade and Ariel Winter Squeezings on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #94

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast we imagine how shitty the R. Kelly Sex Cult will look on your future job applications, consider how far Disney can bend over for multiculturalists, wind down the Mattress Girl story with zero lessons learned, discuss the cynical... read more

Ariel Winter Has a Point

Ariel Winter can discuss two topics. How people should leave her alone about wearing tiny outfits that show off her tits and ass. And how much she loves her boyfriend. In summary, she's like every other high school girl. Though she's 19 and never really attended.  read more

Ariel Winter Not Paying the Help

Every time a celebrity slams a shameful story about themselves we need to take a shot. We'll die in three minutes but at least we had fun. Ariel Winter is clapping back at the h8ers (another linguistics home run of the 21st century) who claim she gives her boyfriend Levi... read more

Ariel Winter's Mom Worries

Ariel Winter's mom gave an interview to InTouch Weekly regarding her daughter. There was literally nothing else anybody could think to ask her about. Ariel's mom went on to compliment her daughter with a backhanded slap at her for consistently dressing like a Florida coed... read more

Ariel Winter Refocuses Attention

Ariel Winter is pissed that media outlets chose to focus on her quotes about being a teenager and living with her older boyfriend from her recent interview with Refinery29. Rather, the interview was supposed to focus on making young women feel better about their bodies in... read more

Ariel Winter Busting Out and Shit Around the Web

Lara Stone right breast in V Magazine (DrunkenStepfather) Reese Witherspoon sucking down crawdads (TMZ) Amateur Nude Gallery: Leggy redhead Delila (TaxiDriverMovie) Hippie chick Julia Almendra communes with nature (EgotasticAllStars)   Ariel Winter baring boobtastic... read more

Ariel Winters Wifey Boobs For Jimmy Kimmel

Ariel Winter solidified her crown as the most enticing 19-year-old on the planet while visiting Jimmy Kimmel. Her boobs are gasping for air in a plunging silver dress. Her thighs are on full display thanks to the see-through fabric.  read more

Ariel Winter Claps Back For Tit Back

Ariel Winter has made a career out of perfect comebacks for her body shamers. All caps is the foundation to any rhetorical joust. If people stop shaming her she’ll have an existential crisis and smother herself in the tit fat she has removed from her body during TV kid... read more

Ariel Winter Sees Double Standard in Nude Guys With Guitars

Yahoo Style has made a mission out of being even more insipidly placating to female celebrities talking about non-problems than even People magazine. These media outlets exist to garner access. They back into the content of their articles based on previously agreed upon... read more

Ariel Winter Big Ole Snack Pack And Shit Around The Web

Ariel Winter switches seamlessly between asking everybody to stop talking about her boobs and showing them off. Everyone knows which side of that argument pays better. read more

Ariel Winter Butt Cleavage And Shit Around The Web

Ariel Winter knows where her bread is buttered. Tits and ass. Also, drama skills. Bet on the former if you want to live in the big house. read more

There Is Nothing Like Ariel Winter In A Bikini And Shit Around The Web

Ariel Winter in a bikini gives me hope in the future of humanity. I mean, she could lose a couple pounds, but it's not like I'm her boyfriend giving her looks when she hits the ice cream gallon after sex. read more