Ashley Graham Crackers Chesticles and Shit Around the Web

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Farrah Abraham All That Vajazzle and Shit Around the Web

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Ashley Graham "Paving The Way"

"People look at my size now and know that’s what makes me famous. That kind of sucks, too, because it’s like, ‘Damn, my size is what makes me famous?’" read more

Ashley Graham Drops Ten and Gets Naked

Every great feminist social cause on social media comes down to an excuse to get naked for clicks. All the tortured sidesteps and empowerment platitudes can't avoid the inevitable barely covered nude cheesecake selfies. The best body shaming and resist activists are naked... read more

Ashley Graham Inspires Herself To Tears (VIDEO)

Ashley Graham stars in a new YouTube video where she inspires the shit out of various insecure women. The grab bag of test subjects are paraded out onto a photo shoot where they greet Jesus disguised as a plus sized model. read more

Ashley Graham Denies Losing Weight

Ashley Graham can't win. That's her official line. Unofficially she consumes six times more calories per day than any other model in the business, works out a third as much, and still rakes in millions. Save your tears for real hardships like bombed out Syrian refugees or... read more

Ashley Graham Has Answers (VIDEO)

Ashley Graham brought the girth of her knowledge on fat women wearing heels to the Steve Harvey audience of giggling obese women. The short answer is, you can't raise dump trucks up on blocks. read more

Ashley Graham Writes a Book

Ashley Graham answered the wishes of one super weird redhead with coke bottle glasses who lives in his mom's basement and wrote a book. Or perhaps the same guy wrote it and stamped her name on it. read more

Ashley Graham Naked and Fyre Island Whores Under Fire on The Last Men on Earth Podcast #85

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Ashley Graham Naked

There's almost one entire lightbulb used in the shooting of Ashley Graham's first nude work. That's one more lightbulb than you would use at home. It's possible they concluded low lighting suits her profile, or that anything beyond sixty watts of current would ignite her... read more

Ashley Graham Smiling and Cashing Checks

Based on a scientific sampling of omnipresent female bloggers, women care an awful lot about men validating overweight women as healthy and sexy. It's a neurotic Kobayashi Maru that men solve by ignoring the entirety of the conversation so they don't end up in fights they... read more

Ashley Graham Cry For Help

Ashley Graham is gone with the subtlety on how 2017 it is to be heavyset. It's the destination and the journey, provided there's an In-N-Out at both locations.  read more