How Did We Miss the Amber Rose Slut Walk?

When your Slut Walk headlines career climbing cockgobblers like Blac Chyna, Kendra Wilkinson and Perez Hilton, you know you've hit a glass ceiling of your own making. read more

Rob Kardashian Hands Out His Whore Sister's Phone Number

If you're over twelve and you're in Twitter battles, it's time to look in the mirror. If you're Still Fat Rob Kardashian and you're revenge Tweeting your whorish half-sister's personal phone number, it's time to add some arsenic to the jardiniere on your Jersey Mike's... read more

The Game Announces Which Kardashians He Fucked

If you had Bruce Jenner in the cum pool of Kardashians the rapper The Game claims to have fucked, you lost. I just tore up my brackets. The Game recently sent people who didn't know The Kardashians were a huge whoring family into a tizzy when he rapped on a DJ Khaled... read more

Blac Chyna Wants a Paternity Test

Still Fat Rob Kardashian and his pregnant stripper girlfriend are putting on a reality show where producers ran out of ideas before the show even premiered. "What the fuck is left to make these two yucks do?" had to be the most-oft uttered phrase in pre-production... read more

Black Chyna Is Gross

Blac Chyna did a vomit inducing photo shoot for Paper magazine. If Valtrex isn't advertising in that publication they're missing out. read more

Rob Kardashian Spins the Wheel of Death (VIDEO)

Still Fat Rob Kardashian has chosen the manner of his own destruction. An E! six part reality series. The weakest link of the cum soaked coven has signed himself and his baby mama over to a staged documentary that will ultimately cost him his life. Your life is what you... read more

Blac Chyna Wearing that Kardashian Baby Like a Golden Parachute

Still Fat Rob Kardashian got into a tussle with his stripper baby mama and went on Instagram and deleted every single picture of her. A glimpse into how all middle school going steadies will bust up in the future. According to E! Chyna was worried Still Fat Rob was... read more

Mariah Carey Feathers Blac Chyna (VIDEO)

If you've ever been to a Vegas show and buy into a spur of the moment decision by the entertainer to bring a seemingly unaware volunteer up on stage, you're being duped. On the same level as the girl you called to come dance in your room who says she needs to bring her... read more

Blac Chyna Opens Up

The world's largest clickbait site, DailyMail, hosted a party in Cannes they titled the Seriously Popular Yacht Party, just in case you weren't sure how underwhelming it would be. Blac Chyna arrived with the veins in her chest construction site popping out like an irate... read more

Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna Working the Door

Nothing says pool party like a pre-diabetic unemployed scion and his pregnant stripper girlfriend. That's where you want to be spending your Memorial Day weekend. read more

Rob Kardashian Stuck

There's the look. That moment you realize you knocked up a stripper and she's taking selfies with some random dude that used to finger her for ten bucks at the downtown establishments. read more

Blac Chyna Debuts Her Cash Baby at Drag Convention

Your drag queen convention is firing on all cylinders when Amber Rose and Blac Chyna seamlessly blend into your crowd. For Chyna, Dragcon was the chance to highlight the Kardashian baby growing in her stripper uterus. You never know what will happen when you insist the... read more