Brielle Biermann One Shining Moment

You take after your mother is something you say to a girl by way of compliment. If your mother is Kim Zolciak, it's a moral indictment.  read more

Kim Zolciak Insists Her Daughter's Ass Is Untouched

Kim Zolciak who makes babies with men who can support her desire to live in a mansion and look fuckable from a distance into her fifties is taking a stand against people suggesting her nineteen year old daughter has had butt injections. read more

Kim Zolciak Finishing Touches on The Daughter Project

The circle is now complete. Kim Zolciak famous for making babies with lots of men, the most recent of whom was just cut from the Buffalo Bills so, there will be a next one, has turned her older daughter into the spitting image of herself. read more

Kim Zolciak And Teen Daughter Injected

There comes that moment as a parent when you need to look your kid over and be honest with yourself about their potential. Not everybody's going to invent a social media app. That's when you get down to lining them up in a certain commercially viable trade. If you're a... read more

Kim Zolciak Family Bikini Vacation

Kim Zolciak went on vacation to re-stock photos of her tits and her teen daughters tits and an occasional peek at her husband who pays for all this shit while making plans to meet his lower maintenance girlfriend. They're not his kids. Not the grown ones. And the sixteen... read more

Kim Zolciak And Daughters In Bikinis

As a seventeen year old Kim Zolciak banged a forty-five year old police sergeant interviewing her as part of an investigation. She has a nursing degree her nursing college can't seem to corroborate. She's made six kids by different men, one of whom went to jail for... read more

Brielle Biermann Growing Cleavage

Kim Zolciak is known for three things. Fucking a fifty year old cop in a criminal investigation when she was seventeen. Marrying a football player and landing a spot on housewife TV. And her previous husband being arrested for banging the underaged babysitter. And, by... read more