Brooklyn Decker Is So Hilarious Now (VIDEO)

Brooklyn Decker Threesome from Brooklyn Decker Brooklyn Decker is one of the stars of the new CBS comedy Friends with Better Lives, which you probably haven't watched yet and have no intentions of watching anytime soon, but it will still somehow be on TV for the next 10 years. To give you an idea of how funny Brooklyn and her co-stars, Zoe Lister-Jones and Majandra Delfino, think they are, the three of them made a...

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Brooklyn Decker's Dress Is The Best

Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson were filming their new comedy, Stretch, in Los Angeles yesterday, and because I'd rather not make an effort to look up what it's actually about, I'm going to guess that it's a film about a woman with a ridiculous body that is forced to wear a very unflattering dress in public. And because the dress hides her incredible breasts, she's really disappointed, because she's wondering why...

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not even Brooklyn Decker can save this

Brooklyn Decker is also in 'What To Expect...', and was at the New York premiere last night, which changes absolutely nothing. No amount of Brooklyn Decker or Elizabeth Banks or the greatness of Anna Kendrick can make up for a movie with Cameron Diaz AND Jennifer Lopez. The only way I'd ever find a seat and wait for the curtain to be drawn so I could watch those two cunts is if the state was about to execute them. ...

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Brooklyn Decker seemed upset

Brooklyn Decker looked annoyed when she noticed people staring and taking pictures of her while she laid out by her hotels pool in Sydney this weekend, but that's the downside of being famous. She should try taking her top off and covering her face with it. That way no one would recognize her. You're welcome, Brooklyn! (image source = inf, splash) [gallery id="6940"]

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its the Sports Illustrated swimsuit calendar, part 2

God knows why there are two versions of this thing, but there are, and so here's the second one (first one here). I cropped the tags and the actual calendar part again, so you'll just have to take my word for it when I tell you that Christmas is on a Tuesday next year. (note: just right click on a pic if you need the models name. its in the file name.)read more

its the 2012 Sports Illustrated swimsuit calendar

When I was a kid I and I got calendars like this I would always check June first, because that's when my birthday is, and I felt like I had some connection with the girl who was June. For this it's Chrissy Teigen, who I already sort of know a little bit. Needless to say we're totally gonna do it now. (i cropped the pics and removed the tag for the first part, the full calendar pics are after that. in case you need to...

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the MTV Movie Awards were as thrilling as ever

The 2011 MTV Movie Awards were last night, but if you missed it, or the ones from 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2007, here's a comprehensive recap: 1. 'Twilight' won everything. 2. I asked, "who the fuck is that," a lot. 3. No one did anything sexy, interesting, or funny. See ya next year, everybody! (image source = getty and bauer griffin and flynet)read more

Brooklyn Decker won the Country Music Awards

She looks way better when she wears a bikini or something see through so we can see her tits, but Brooklyn Decker still looked tremendous at last nights Academy of Country Music Awards in Vegas. "This is dumb, why was she there, what does Brooklyn Decker have to do with country music," asked one guy who was missing the point. (image source = getty and wenn) [gallery id="7968"]

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Brooklyn Decker in a bikini, day 2

Brooklyn Decker spent a second day in Miami and a second day in a bikini yesterday, this time poolside at the Ritz-Carlton. There's 41 pictures here to commemorate this triumphant event, and even though that's a lot, I don't mind admitting that when I came to the last one, I cried. (image source = inf daily) [gallery id="7987"]

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Brooklyn Decker is in a bikini

Sometimes bikini pictures will show up and I'll vacillate for quite a while trying to decide if they're any good, on whether or not I should post them. Brooklyn Decker and her fantastic tits on Miami beach this weekend was not one of those times. (image source = inf daily)read more

TYLER EXCLUSIVE: Brooklyn Decker is very attractive

Considering how many times I've said that Asian girls are better than regular girls (and it's a lot), and that blond white girls in particular are kind of boring, I bet Brooklyn Decker would be really flattered to know I'd still do it with her. Shhh, shhhhh, hush Brooklyn. No need to thank me. (image source for Brooklyn at last nights NYC premiere of Just Go With It = getty and splash news online)read more

Brooklyn Decker is a good model

Brooklyn Decker is on the cover of the new Esquire, but even better she's inside the new Esquire in a see thru shirt. Normally I think blond white girls are kind of generic and boring but I like Brooklyn because she doesn't seem to mind when you stare at her tits. I really appreciate that, it really means a lot to me. [gallery ids="721632,721641,721651"]

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Monday afternoon headlines

LILY ALLEN - has suffered a miscarriage for the second time in three years. This weekend she lost her baby 6 months into her pregnancy. In January 2008, she suffered a similar fate after just one month. (the sun) COURTENEY COX - told Australia's TV Week that she is not getting a divorce from David Arquette. "Still, Cox acknowledges that she and her husband of 11 years are no longer on the same page. 'Sometimes more

thursday headlines

MEL GIBSON - might have hit his 6-month-old daughter Lucia, causing bruises, during a fight with his ex Oksana. So really it sounds more like Oksanas fault than Mels. Stop using babies as a shield you crazy bitch. (hp) SUICIDE GIRLS - won't be allowed at this years Comic-Con for some dumb reason, even though they're much more in line with that culture than shit like "Chuck". The most popular models will be more

brooklyn decker bikini cartwheel, part 2.

Yesterday it was mentioned that Brooklyn Decker was one of the leads in a new Adam Sandler movie, and hopefully her role would require lots of running and jumping. So I could watch her tits bounce up and down, you see. And then a few hours later she did a cartwheel in a bikini. And now here are even more pictures of it. Coincidence? Or do my words have power over the physical world? Do my thoughts bend reality so it...

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