Kristen Stewart Rankling the Lesbians

Because lesbian relationships necessarily involve two chicks you can always count on twice the crazy. It makes lesbian life rather dramatic when both people in a relationship might at any time light the other person's possessions on fire or toss their shit in the street.... read more

Cara Delevingne Has Proof of Non-Bloating

Rich British models have to put up with a ton of shit. Nothing immediately comes to mind, but suffice it to say, there's a list. read more

Cara Delevingne No Clothes No Problem

Cara Delevingne is the perfect rich chick who knows how to get exactly what she wants. Mostly top end modelings gigs and other hot chick vagina. Delevingne is twenty-three and already rivaling Bradley Cooper and Leo DiCaprio on model tail conquest lists. She's fishing... read more

Cara Delevingne Seems Unstoppable

Cara Delevingne is one of those chicks racking up career accomplishments with the impossible to overestimate benefit of a massive social media following. If you're producing a historical costume drama, you could do worse than her thirty million Instagram followers pushed... read more

MTV Movie Awards Are Somehow Still Going On

The MTV Movie Awards aren't a tribute to the tastes of teenagers who one day will be servicing park vending machines as part of a workfare program so much as a completely staged Viacom publicity event. There were a couple notable faces and Jessica Chastain's tits cinched... read more

Cara Delevingne See-Through Top And Shit Around The Web

Everyone's favorite rich tantrum throwing predatory young lesbianCara Delevingne was spotted in Paris with a sheer shirt. It's Fashion Week and I just wanted to remind you how much world class model pussy she's getting. Enjoy staring at her jubblies. (Last Men On Earth)... read more

Cara Delevingne Hears the Call Of Duty

This chick is everywhere. Look there, she's got a gun. Over there, she's twisted finger fucking your nana. This is just going to piss off hardcores who don't think rich lesbian models are into first person shooter games legitimately. Does it matter that none of her six... read more

Cara Delevingne Upskirt Bare Ass for Pan

There's yet another re-boot of Peter Pan because nobody's rewarding new anymore in the movie business and neither is the audience. Cara Delevingne worked the premiere red carpet like a pro. Like a girl who the minute you say hello to you will name drop her lesbian lover... read more

Cara Delevingne Takes Her Fake Lesbianism Seriously

Vogue magazine is under fire. Not for making women feel fat and undesirableand blaming it on far-fetched male standards of female beauty even though no men work for Vogue. But because they wrote an article about Cara Delevingne where they suggested her scissor kissing... read more

Cara Delevingne Silent Fluidity

According to female bloggers who still haven't found their purpose, Cara Delevingne is one of the founding members of the young celebrities gender fluidity club. Nobody seems to understand that the inanely invented term gender fluidity describes somebody who feels... read more

Cara Delevingne Consoles

Prodigious pussy hound Cara Delevingne inserts herself into the arms of rebounding celebrity chicks lighting style quick. She's got some hidden network of pneumatic tubes built under the earth's mantle that can deliver her talented fingers anywhere in the world in eleven... read more

Cara Delevingne Just Eye Fucked Your Woman

This voracious lesbian vampire is using commercial media to lure in her winding waiting line of snatches. She's goddamn unstoppable. Guys love to say they'd be a lesbian if they were a chick because it sounds incredibly less gay on the back end of an opening of 'if I... read more