carrie prejean needs a tighter bikini

Carrie Prejean is in Hawaii today with her boyfriend Kyle Boller, and when they were frolicking in the water he was so busy picking through her hair the same way monkeys do, he didn't seem to notice that most of her right breast was exposed. Her fans are gonna be so... read more

afternoon headlines

WILL FERRELL - is the most overpaid star in Hollywood when looking at what he costs to hire compared to what his movies make at the box office. Ewan McGregor, Billy Bob Thornton, Eddie Murphy and Ice Cube round out the top 5. Which means I either misread something or... read more

carrie prejean has 30 naked pictures and 8 sex tapes

This world really sucks sometimes. After first denying it, Carrie Prejean has now admitted that she once made a tape of herself masturbating. And now she's being attacked again. As if what she did is weird. Girls do that stuff all the time, especially pent up religious... read more

Are we still doing this?

It seems impossible that we're still talking about this, but apparently we are because today there are shocking new pictures of Miss California who, other than that top she's wearing, is COMPLETELY TOPLESS!!! These pics were taken just last year.  This time, Carrie... read more

ms. california wont back down

Ms. California Carrie Prejean went on the Today show this morning to defend her answer about gay marriage during the Ms. USA pageant Saturday night.  Prejean is religious, so when asked by Perez Hilton if gay marriage should be legal in California, she said, in accordance... read more