Chrissy Teigen Reminds Women Kids Are Optional

Wealthy women carry the burden of having to endlessly chatter over child bearing decisions. The majority of women in this world wait for the grunt that signals nine months from now they're going to be pushing out another kid they don't want. read more

Hollywood Comes to the Rescue of Leggings Girls

You knew it would it would take some extraordinary turn of events to rip palatial living Twitter warriors away from their laser beams of 140 character anti-Trump truth. Done. read more

Chrissy Teigen Back to Drunk (VIDEO)

Chrissy Teigen used to be a fun drunk. That's how she made her bones. Posting ripped on Twitter after midnight and posting stupid shit. The kids call it speaking truth to power. read more

Chrissy Teigen Braless Pokies And Shit Around The Web

Before she had children, Chrissy Teigen used to routinely show off her breasts and nipples. After children, hold steady to the course. read more

Chrissy Teigen Gets Naked And Shit Around The Web

Chrissy Teigen is totally naked but for some strategically placed limbs. Gender equality dictates that Teigen doesn't have to take her clothes off to feel rewarded. It's less clear on how the pay works for clothed though. read more

Chrissy Teigen Flashed Her Bare Snatch at the American Music Awards

Chrissy Teigen split her time at the teeny bopper friendly American Music Awards between Tweeting anti-Trump zingers and flashing her bare vagina on the red carpet. read more

Chrissy Teigen Shuts Out the Twitter World

Chrissy Teigen has chosen to lock out the Twitter world. Sort of like Mayweather decrying boxing. Outside of marrying the right guy, Twitter is the narrow purview of Teigen's chief success. read more

Chrissy Teigen Cleavage Show And Shit Around The Web

Chrissy Teigen was never much of a looker, but she had the savvy to become a famous, well-paid model even so. Fucking John Legend could be worse. read more

Chrissy Teigen Have Tits Will Travel

Five weeks after giving birth to her sperm dynamically centrifuged daughter, Chrissy Teigen is back to her normal routine of wearing low cut tops, posting rants on Twitter, and pretending she's as pretty as other swimsuit models. Teigen took shit for having evenings out... read more

Chrissy Teigen And Audrina Patridge Pregnant Catting

There's this new thing where famous pregnant chicks are dressing sexy. It's spreading rapdily among the reality TV and social media model set. Chrissy Teigen and Audrina Patridge hold in common that fact that tons of men want to fuck them in the backs of conversion vans... read more

Chrissy Teigen Revealing Pregnancy

Chrissy Teigen is determined not to let her pregnancy overshadow her other accomplishments such as having nice tits and marrying a well known singer. She slippedinto something revealingfor an Extra interview defending her right to have IVF pre-ordered the gender of her... read more

Obama Blesses Chrissy Teigen's Unborn Child

On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Teigen casually reported that President Obama approved of her baby name. That is sort of a mystery. What the hell is Chrissy Teigen doing on a late night talk show? Oh, right, name dropping the President and her husband. If that... read more