Russell Wilson Wedding Night Sex Beast (VIDEO)

A guy who's spent twenty-seven years musing the Q in LGBTQ is going to kill the humping game once he's let loose. Wilson's brand new bride Ciara took to Snapchat to verify the marriage had been consummated and it was incredible. In most cases, this might be viewed as an overcompensating tidbit. But this is a Super Bowl winning quarterback. They don't just hand out those sweet rings to dudes who aren't total more

Russell Wilson And Ciara Can Finally Bang

Russell Wilson is about to hit the shot heard 'round the world as he has married his longtime beard. He claims he was not having sex with his girlfriend Ciara for religious purposes. It's highly possible he's a zealot and using fake celibacy to help market his line of holy water and lambskin condoms. It's also possible he's a big gay, as is evidenced by his gay more

Ciara Tits Win Every Billboard Award

The Billboard Music Awards serve as a reminder that erhu plucked tunes over Chinese restaurant intercoms is not the world's most annoying music. Teenaged girls like super shitty music. Followed closely by teenaged boys trying to get laid by teenaged girls.

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2016 Grammy Awards the 49th Best Grammy Awards Ever

Grammy's music is akin to grabbing the iPod of a random teen girl chewing bubble gum and pressing shuffle play. You throw in a desperate attempt to feature every single black person in the recording industry into the mix and you have crappy Seacrest radio play music enveloped by an African motif. The Lion King celebrated the dark continent less than the 2016 Grammy's. Some old people came on to tribute even older more

Ciara Bares Cleavage For America And Shit Around The Web

Sexy singer Ciara set off a firestorm of uptight people tweeting angrily when she wore a low plunging neckline to sing the national anthem on Monday night's championship game.If it plunged any lower we might've seen her dick and I'd fire off a letter myself. I say let the titties fly for America. (TMZ) Julianne Hough is steamy in a swimsuit. (Last Men On Earth) Lady Gaga shows off her nipple because Lady Gaga. (...

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Russell Wilson and Ciara Edging

Russell Wilson and Ciara decided Access Hollywood was as private as any place to announce they were not going to fuck each other until they were married. For Wilson this was a profoundly religious decision based ona conversation with a very important friend: [Ciara] was on tour, and I was looking at her in the mirror, and God spoke to me. He said, 'I need you to lead her.' God is like that. He won't remind you to hand...

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Russell Wilson Buys Low On Ciara

Russell Wilson has been porking pop singer Ciara and is now taking her to the White House Correspondent's Dinner if she promises not to bring her own bottle of hot sauce in her clutch. Besides being a singer which can only be verified by her Wiki page, Ciara is adept at getting fucked by famous dudes. She has dated rappers Bow Wow, Fifty Cent, and Future, with whom she has a most certainly DNA test verified kid, as...

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Ciara Sees No Future With Future (Get It? Fuck Yeah I'm on A Roll)

Ciara spun the rapper wheel of sperm and got knocked up by Future, who proceeded to fuck around on her because he's a rapper and his name is Future. With their baby, also named Future, just three months old, Ciara has told Future to take a hikebecause she's heartsick from his cheating ways.I guess Ciara's heart isn't well-versed in the rapper fidelity statistics put out each year by the RIAA. The odds are not in your...

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Kim Kardashian Is Calling In The C-List Guns

In a very important reminder that she still technically has a job, Kim Kardashian filmed a segment of her "reality" series at a high end baby store in Los Angeles yesterday. And to show that she's really still one of the most powerful women in the world with scores of A-list celebrity friends at her disposal, Kim was with Ciara, who is a singer or actress or something like that. Needless to say, a small crowd of...

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Ciara Wears A Very Short Skirt to Snake An Award

Hollywood award shows in general are sucky bits of self-congratulatory circle jerks among people who call themselves artists. The People's Choice Awards raises the self-satisfaction bar a bit higher by allowing millions of teen girls to decide on the winners. I think the Jonas Brothers win for most heterosexual siblings each year, just to show you the information level of the voters. I guess Ciara really wants one of...

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2013 Logo Channel Awards Not All That Fabulous

Contrary to popular opinion, hot girls aren't swarming around gay men in Hollywood. Closeted gay actors, for sure. They've got supermodels hanging on their arms and telling tales of insatiable hetero appetites. But an openly gay channel like Logo holds their big awards show and, meh, not much talent. J-Woww showed up and flashed her boobs in a perfunctory manner. Fergie came looking for her husband. And Ciara...

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Ciara knows how to dress

Ciara is easily one of the ten hottest black girls in Hollywood, and not just because I'm white and can only easily think of like 3 other candidates. Though to be candid that did help. (image source of ciara in new york today = pacific coast) [gallery id="6398"]

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Ciara has disappointingly good reflexes

Ciara almost lost her top when she went swimming off Miami beach yesterday, and it's times like this I wish I had a black friend because I could point at these and say, "Namsayin? Word bond," or something like that, something I heard a rapper or a DB on 'Hard Knocks' say and then he would think I was cool. And then I could ask him where to buy that really good weed they always have. (image source = pacific coast and ...

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Tuesday headlines, with Fred Flintstone and Ciara

SETH MACFARLANE - will reboot 'the Flintstones' as a new series for Fox, to premiere in 2013. So now he can steal characters right out in the open (Stewie is nothing but Jimmy Corrigan). When asked for a comment, MacFarlane went and stood behind Matt Groening and then repeated what he said. (deadline) TOM SIZEMORE - did not kill Megan Wren, the woman who has been missing for 6 weeks, and she was finally found in a...

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Ciara is here to help

These aren't the greatest pictures of Ciara ever taken, but average pictures of her getting a pedicure yesterday in Beverly Hills, in little shorts that show off her perfect legs, are still better than the best pictures of Ke$ha. Granted I've been in love with Ciara ever since this. This must be why they only have girls work in pedicure shops because if a girl this hot put her feet out, the temptation to push them...

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