Claudia Romani Beach Bosoms and Shit Around the Web

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Claudia Romani Hits From the Thong and Shit Around the Web

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Foreign Models Call the Election

There are no more prescient pollsters in this world than hungry vaguely international models. They can read the prevailing winds like Frank Luntz with a magical vagina. Does that dude have real money or is that Lambo rented? Will ten thousand drachma pay my rent? Why is... read more

Claudia Romani in A Bikini

Everybody is Irish on St. Patrick's Day. Including this Italian model transplant in Miami who manages to get her ass toward the camera no matter where the cameraman stands. It's uncanny. Like her anus is a compass and the camera is magnetic north and she's on a Lazy... read more

Claudia Romani Ditches Her Bikini Top

As a general rule, an onshore breeze negates the ability of cameras to capture clear images of topless women. Plus the salty spray tickles your nips. It's a solid plan when you want to be seen, but save something for the rich guy who you will marry, convince to buy a... read more

Claudia Romani Celebrates Love

The foreign models who live in Miami know how to turn any holiday into a chance to show off their ass and find a love interest with a decent adjusted gross income. Instagram is like their eHarmony. LOL, heart you, oops my ass is showing, I'm twenty, maybe thirty, I'm an... read more

Claudia Romani Understands Snorkeling

I've always found snorkeling to be a blatant taunt to the fish that we evolved well past them some hundred million years ago. It's like when rappers go back to their hood to capture some documentary footage and pretend they're still bunking down in a tract home in... read more

Claudia Romani In a Bikini

If you've got a nice ass, why not stamp your name right above your crack. Same reason I have all six of my gmail accounts tattooed on my johnson in 24-pt Impact font. The burden on this Italian model is really walking ass forward around Miami without getting hit by... read more

Claudia Romani Goes For A Swim In A Pink Bikini In Miami

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Claudia Romani In A Bikini

I'm pretty sure Claudia Romani walks everywhere backwards. I appreciate that effort. Your risk of injurious accident or stumbling over a homeless woman's urine jar rises dramatically when you ambulate ass first. Show the world your best happy, my first grade teacher used... read more

Claudia Romani Is a Saint

Some people wake up in the morning and think, today is the day I go shoot up my school. Or they rush to their studio offices to create the next reality show featuring mentally disturbed people wallowing in their own vomit. Claudia Romani gets up in the morning and asks... read more

Claudia Romani in a Thong

Miami Beach is literally crawling this time of year with international models with their asses pointed toward Saturn. It's like watching the horseshoe crabs shimmying up the Delaware beach. Nobody knows what signals these creatures to come by the thousands and spread... read more