Kurt Cobain's Daughter Marries Her Dad

Girls have been marrying dudes who remind them of their dad forever now. Especially their dead dads since dead dads are awesome and without flaw and would've shown up to all your recitals and events had they not been dead. Marrying a dude who looks just like your dad is something different. People are gonna talk. Frances Bean Cobain was only a toddler when her dad put a gun in his mouth to make Courtney Love's voice...read more

Courtney Love Attacked by French Cabbies, Rescued by Village People

Courtney Love may not be a trained journalist, or ever sober, so like the majority ofTV news reporters. Love was caught up in the violent protest in Paris between Uber drivers and French cabbies so disgusted by the fetid smell of their armpits in short sleeve dress shirts that they took to the streets to beat the crap out of their competition. The Uber app has been outlawed in most major French cities because it...

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Courtney Love Topless Heck (VIDEO)

It only takes a few minutes of Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain drug induced bathroom home movies to understand why both of them tried really hard to die, one being more generally successful. If you can get past the blistering sore covered body of Cobain, you bear witness to a wife that watched Sid and Nancy and saw Nancy as the soft spoken heroine. Not heroin. Can you really become so fucked up on drugs before death...read more

Courtney Love Stiffs Therapist

Courtney Love further proved she is Satan's lazy sister by not paying her psychiatristfor a balance owed of nearly fifty thousand dollars. If she explains herselfit will prove the guy's overcharging. Five sessions at 10k a pop and you still look and sound like a crack whore in a free clinic waiting room. She was likelyjust using the dude for the prescription depressants to mix into her morning cocktail and stray beard...

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Courtney Love The Worst Person

Courtney Love has both affirmed and denied using heroin while pregnant with her daughter Francis Bean Cobain in the past, the contradictions most likely stemming frombrain damage due to heroin use. In the new documentary Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, Love hedges her bets: "I used it once, then stopped.I knew she would be fine." Using heroin once most likely doesn't mean onetime but several months of watching the...read more

Courtney Love Sucks

Some guy was hired to record a Hole performance four years ago, but nobody had any use for the recording because a live Hole performance vanishes into the ether once the interested twelve year olds get picked up by their parents. He recently isolated Courtney's guitar and vocal tracks, which sound like a raccoon gnawing through chicken wire to eat a pile of shit. Its an assault on taste that you would think was fake...

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Courtney Love Seems Super Not Happy

Courtney Love claims Kurt Cobain wanted to be famous really badly. His anti-social traveler persona was just a cover. It's hard to understand why Courtney Love would be trashing the legend of her dead husband unless you take into account that Courtney Love is an unhappy drug addict. He wrote to every major [and] minor label, 'We'll pay. Let us be on your label.' He was desperate to be the biggest rock star in the...

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Courtney Love Can Still Score With the Boys

There will never come a day when Courtney Love is not showing off her tits and hanging out with young men in foreign locales. It will just get progressively harder to watch. Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News [gallery ids="1744487,1744489,1744490,1744491,1744488,1744492,1744493,1744494,1744495"]

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Courtney Love Thinks She Still Has It (VIDEO)

Courtney Love is so excited to be getting back to her rocker roots and doing what she loves, according to her description for this unbearable new shrieking throat diarrhea she calls "You Know My Name." In the video, Courtney tries to recapture that brief period of success that she enjoyed as Kurt Cobain's wife, when people thought that since he was making good music, they might as well put up with her little rock star...

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Kurt Cobain Wrote The Sweetest Love Letters

I can imagine married life with Kurt Cobain was pretty fucking dismal. Less Sleepless in Seattle and microwave popcorn and more catatonic Kurt staring at a dead bird on his window sill and shitting in his pants. Genius artist and all that bullshit that comes with being a self-medicated moping wet blanket. At some point before Kurt decided it was time to shotgun shuffle of his mortal coil, he took time to put a ...

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Courtney Love's Clairvoyant Powers Prove Rusty

The true tragedy of that missing Malaysian jet liner has yet to unfold. As far as collateral damage, I can tell you that my plans to never ever visit Malaysia have been extended by ten more years. It's not you, Malaysia, it's me. The good news is that whether the plane was hijacked and crashed, was suicided into the sea by a pilot with a name that would make us say 'of course!, or just super malfunctioned into the...

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Courtney Love Wins Twitter Defamation Case

Courtney Love was cleared of all charges in her Twitter defamation case by a judge in LA. It all started when the cackling dope fiend fired a lawyer named Rhonda Holmes. She had been hired to try and get more of Kurt Cobain's estate money so that Love can buy more cheap makeup and heroin. When Holmes failed to get the greedy harpy what she wanted, Love implied that Holmes had been bought off by a tabloid or something,...

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Courtney Love Has to Prove She's Too Stupid to Be Taken Seriously

Courtney Love is being sued by her former lawyer over a Tweet she made that kind of accused her attorney of being bribed off her Get Me Dead Kurt Cobain Money lawsuit: "I was fucking devestated when Rhonda J. Holmes esq. of san diego was bought off @FairNewsSpears perhaps you can get a quote. Anybody who has ever slipped in Courtney Love's vomit at various spots around town knows that she's a bit of a free spirit when...

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Courtney Love Gets High on Charity

You simply can't keep a good woman down. Or Courtney Love, who would not be denied an appearance at the Sotheby's RED Auction, which she found only after three stops at various Sbarro locations looking for a guy she thought stole her earrings the night before. The RED auction brings together rich people to lay down six-figures for designer computers and earbuds with all the proceeds going to fight The AIDS,...

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Courtney Love Dresses Like A Geisha For Sex

Aging rock star and opium depository Courtney Love took a moment to remind everyone on Saturday that she's still a woman with needs and desires when she Tweeted the above picture of herself right after sex. She referred to it as her "inner geisha, following sex with mad kabuki warrior face", but we all see it for what it really is – a guy asked Courtney to cover her face as much as possible during sex. Of course, that...

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