Daisy Fuentes plays it cool

Daisy Fuentes pulled her sun hat down low to cover her face and go incognito while walking around the beach in Miami today, though to be honest her hat could say IM DAISY FUENTES in blinking lights and I'd still just be staring at her nipples. (image source=pacific... read more

Daisy Fuentes still looks pretty good

Remember Daisy Fuentes? You should, because you just read her name in the headline. Like 2 seconds ago. If you don't you really need to lay off the weed. I'm saying this as a friend. (image source of fuentes, who is 45 by the way, at the beach and pool in miami today =... read more


It was Monday when these pictures of Daisy Fuentes topless during a vacation in France first started to find their way online, but only now have decent copies become available. Actually even these arepretty grainy, but nonetheless, it's Daisy Fuentes topless, a collection... read more