The Victoria's Secret Fashion Just Another Subjugation

Once you insist that your hot chicks in their underwear party is a "celebration of world cultures", you open the door for a wider range of critcism than merely the kneejerk charge of sexism. Victoria's Secret ruined a bunch of perfectly good international models camel... read more

Elsa Hosk Does Risky Business In Her Undies And Shit Around The Web

Sexy Elsa Hosk recreates Risky Business in her panties. It's unclear if she's getting as much cock as Tom. read more

Elsa Hosk Gets Sweaty And Shit Around The Web

Elsa Hosk gets all sweaty in tight workout clothes. It might be fake sweat. As if you care. read more

Sports Bras Are Strangling Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret isn't losing business to upstart full-figure lingerie companies as media accounts might lead you to believe. They're huring because American women are buying a shit ton of sports bras instead of the old school lacey numbers. read more

Elsa Hosk Bares For Vogue And Shit Around The Web

Vogue is a pretty stupid magazine for the most part, except when they talk hot models like Elsa Hosk into getting naked just between us girls. It doesn't really make sense for a magazine that's about clothes but whatever. read more

Elsa Hosk Nip Slips And Shit Around The Web

Sometimes the God of Tits is kind and blesses us with a nip slip from a serious hottie like Elsa Hosk. It's moments like this that keep me believing. read more

Elsa Hosk in A Bikini for Victoria's Secret

There's a circling political meme about Trump employing foreign models on H1B visas for his Trump modeling agency. This is supposed to undercut his rhetoric about bringing back shitty low skill factory jobs from overseas so the U.S. can have more working poor. Ritz... read more

Elsa Hosk's Ass Is Most Enjoyable And Shit Around The Web

Elsa Hosk has one of those asses that should be in a freaking art museum. But then you couldn't touch it without some security guard yelling at you. I think it belongs in a petting zoo. Put a quarter in the dispenser and feed it some oats. See her booty in a variety of... read more

Elsa Hosk New Lingerie For Victoria's Secret

Sometimes I look at ornate women's lingerie and I think to myself, who the fuck is wearing this? It's some kind of ruse. Any girlfriend I've ever had is into boxers and t-shirts the minute she's laid her vagina on the table and seen my hooked fish type reaction. Maybe... read more

Victoria's Secret Has An Annoucement

When Victoria's Secret declared they were making a big announcement, three thousand ragamuffins rose from their rickety seats in Myanmar, stood on their sewing tables, and collectively cheered, 'We are free!'. Then Victoria's Secret came out with the news they had a new... read more

Elsa Hosk Strips Down

Two questions come to mind. Why is this Swedish chicktopless and why does she look so forlorn? The first one is moot. If you have to instruct a girl to fake emotionally wounded, you'venot trained her well.Remember when everyone at sewing campfound out that your mormor... read more

Elsa Hosk In See Through Lace Lingerie

If I was driving a fast moving train and the track was blocked and I had to choose to either veer left and run over my own mother or veer right and take out this Swedish chick, I'd take out this Swedish chick. You don't run over your own mother. I'm not a mindless beast.... read more