Emily Ratajkowski Tits Own Social Media And Shit Around The Web

Emily Ratajkowski knows that social media is for posting tit pics. Dyed in the wool feminists step aside, it's time for a new breed of young feminists. The naked seductive kind. read more

Emily Ratajkowski Goes Topless And Shit Around The Web

Emily Ratajkowski goes topless because it's what she does. And why you tolerate every single other thing she does. A free pass. Stamp it. read more

Tim Gunn Don't Want No Ratajkowski Titties

Fashion maven Tim Gunn expressed his outrage over a dress worn by Emily Ratajkowski to a Harper's Bazaar event. Ratajkowski had the temerity to show off her big sweet titties during New York Fashion Week, the Yom Kippur for gay men. read more

Emily Ratajkowski Takes Her Tits To The UN And Shit Around The Web

Emily Ratajkowski showed her sideboob to UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon. In honor of her fantastic tits, the head of the UN vowed to do nothing productive for ten more years and make the U.S. pay for it. read more

Emily Ratajkowski Gives Us A Tit Peek And Shit Around The Web

Emily Ratajkowski continues to raise her profile by speaking out on women's equality and showing off her spectacular tits. It's impossible to say precisely how each factors into her popularity, but pencil in the spectacular tits for 99% plus or mine one percent. read more

Emily Ratajkowski in A Bikini for Coachella

Emily Ratajkowski has committed herself to two separate but not the least bit equal causes. Ardently advancing feminism and traveling to the nation's big party spots to show off her tits. The feminism demands equal pay for equal work while the tits take in ten to twenty... read more

Emily Ratajkowski Topless Jewelry Salesperson

Emily Ratakowski skates between Lena Dunham feminist blog essays and using her tits to sell shit faster, smoother and with less effort than anyone I can remember. Even Sybil took a dramatic pause when changing personalities. This is straignt from gender pay gap to having... read more

Emily Ratajkowski Got a Gift Basket

When Kim Kardashian was attacked by celebrities with less enormousfake tits for posting a censored nude selfie, Emily Ratajkowski stepped into the role of Susan B. Anthony to Kim's Elizabeth Cady Stanton, minus the old biddy lesbian sex. That's the true crime. Someone... read more

Emily Ratajkowski Feels the Bern

Emily Ratajkowski wore a Bernie Sanders crop-topso now she's a political activist. if she fucked Bernie Sanders she probably could've received an ambassadorship to somewhere cool. She aimed too low.Ratajkowski gave an introductory speech for Sandersat the University of... read more

Hot Women Come Out for The AIDS

Girls go nuts for The AIDS. These amFAR events scheduled around the world in concurrence with various Fashion Weeks bring out the best looking ladies. Dress up, show off, there are men with money and not long to live here. Best party ever. Condoms are ten grand each.... read more

Gigi Hadid Underboob For Love Magazine

Gigi Hadid is the Hadid sister who doesn't have celebrity lyme disease. She's carrying zika. Maybe ebola. Something topical that's absolutely not herpes from the not-gay one in One Direction. Her underboobs look exactly like the underboobs of her sister two days ago. You... read more

Emily Ratajkowski See Through Black Lingerie

Emily Ratajkowsi is either the world's most attractive chick not raised in the Ural Mountains, or she's a duck billed platypus monkey face. Few people are willing to go halfway on her description. It's Obama vs. Trump on the Muslim issue. Either they're misunderstood... read more