Emma Stone Is Now Legit

I don't particularly understand musical theater. Whenever somebody around me breaks out into song, my natural inclination is to want to punch them in the face until they can't sing any longer. I don't need the Postman or the Nightclub Owner or the Prostitute emoting to... read more

Emma Stone Not Representing the U.S. Well

The powerhouse that is America may not be the shining light on the hill it once was, but we still stand for all things super-sized. Everything here is supposed to be big. We have big business, big cars, big round people, and we're supposed to have big tits. It's okay for... read more

Andrew Garfield Has To Tuck It Back

Andrew Garfield revealed that he puts a lot of thought into how much dick he tucks back in his Spiderman suit. An interviewer asked Garfield how he handled his package in the skin tight Spidey suit. Apparently, he spent a lot of time thinking about how much of his junk... read more

Emma Stone Claims This Nude Pic Is Not Hers

If it looks like a cute redhead's naked body and quacks like a cute redhead's naked body, then it's usually a cute redhead's naked body. However, Emma Stone's people swear that this nude mirror selfie is not her, despite the fact that it kind of looks like her. According... read more

Emma Stone is a nerd

Emma Stone left an apartment this morning with some guy who is not her boyfriend Andrew Garfield, but Garfield probably has nothing to worry about. Mostly because this other guys casual fabulousness leads me to assume he's gay, but also because Emma is wearing nerdy... read more

Emma Stone is in a bikini

Emma Stone probably thought she'd be safe to wear a bikini without the paparazzi getting pictures of her because she's in Rio. It's crazy to think that someone spotted her, she blends in perfectly. (picture source = akm images) [gallery... read more

It was all a terrifying joke

Yesterday Jim Carrey posted a perplexing video on youtube professing his love for Emma Stone, whom he has never met and who really isn't that great. But not to worry, because later he went on his twitter and explained it was all a joke. Ha-ha? Yes, my msg to Emma Stone... read more

Jim Carrey is insane, hearts Emma Stone

As far as I can tell Jim Carey has never even met Emma Stone, but, no, really Jim, please don't let that dissuade you in any way from telling the entire world how badly you want to fuck her. Here's a transcript. "I just wanted to let you know that I think you're all the... read more

Emma Stone is in Vanity Fair

Emma Stone is on the cover of the new Vanity Fair, and it seems hard to believe in hindsight, but she says her lowest point in Hollywood was losing a role to Hayden Panettiere. Emma Stone tells Vanity Fairwriter Alexandra Wolfe ... that she still remembers what she... read more

Thursday headlines, with romance and danger!

LINDSAY LOHANS PUBLICIST- is upset that someone sold a picture of an open wine bottle at Lindsays house because he would have paid more for it and her current drinking, "never would have been an issue." Because if I can't see the problem, there is no problem. That's what... read more

Emma Stone at the Golden Globes and Critics Choice

Emma Stone was at the Golden Globes last night and the Critics Choice Awards the night before (where her movie Easy A won Best Comedy) but unfortunately she still has her glorious red hair dyed blond while filming the Spider-Man reboot. I know she's on here a lot... read more

Emma Stone looks worse in Spider Man

Emma Stone has naturally glorious red hair, and no girl with red hair should ever ever dye their hair blond because white girls with blond hair are boring, but she had to for Spider Man 4 or Spider Man 1 or whatever the hell they're calling it, which began filming... read more