Dalia Elliott Bent Over and Shit Around the Web

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Mr. Skin Podcast Episode 70: Charlize Theron Goes Lesbian

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Mr. Skin Podcast Episode 69: Emmy Rossum Oral and the Greatest Celeb 69 Scenes

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Emmy Rossum's Shameless Nudes to Come on This Week's Mr. Skin Podcast

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Emmy Rossum Bikini Shamed and Bill Cosby Skates on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #90

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Emmy Rossum Bikini Sexism Story Will Shock You To Your Core

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Bella Hadid Bra Show and Shit Around the Web

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Emmy Rossum Hit

Emmy Rossum is the latest celebrity to be hit by a prodigious gang of professional thieves. Rossum was holding $150,000 in vintage jewelry in her safe. In case the cash economy collapses. The burglars broke in despite the ADT warning sign planted out front. A certain blow... read more

Emmy Rossum Got a Raise for All Women

Emmy Rossum demanded a raise from the producers of Shameless on Showtime, in line with William H. Macy who's been the top paid actor on the show for the past seven years of its run. Women's groups and their half dozen or so all-female blogging new outlets declared... read more

Emmy Rossum Endures Blitzkrieg

A wave of anti-semitism overcame Emmy Rossum on Twitter. She claimed it came from Trump supporters in response to her pro-Hillary comments. When pressed on the specifics, Rossum produced one Tweet from some asshole that included a doctored photo of a Nazi concentration... read more

Emmy Rossum Still Doing Topless in Shameless

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Emmy Rossum Tits And Shit Around The Web

Emmy Rossum showed off her luscious tits during this week's episode of Shameless. You don't win Emmy's for that kind of work, you just win fans, also, money. Fuck the Emmy's even if that's also your actual name. See Emmy's ta-tas in all their glory. (Egotastic) Lourdes... read more