Eva Mendes Reaches For Relevance With Guilty Working Mom Comments

 Last time I checked it was only Ryan Gosling starring in La La Land. Now it seems Eva Mendes is there too with the revamped plot focusing on her non existent hectic work schedule.  read more

Calvin Klein Still Likes Them Young

Calvin Klein's is under attack for exploiting rape culture porn memes to sell jeans and underwear. The Calvin Klein marketing obsession with underaged girls dates back to a young Brooke Shields suggesting double-entendres about her jeans and the men who would like to... read more

Eva Mendes' Dog Will Shred Your Junk

Women hate Eva Mendes because she's getting boned by Ryan Gosling. Men hate Eva Mendes because they can't have her. What's a misunderstood sexy Latina to do? Buy a big fucking dog that eats slower children. If you so much as glance at Eva's tits, that brute is going to... read more

wtf are Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes looking at

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling have been dating for a few months now, and this weekend they were in Paris, the most romantic city in the world, and they had dinner at the Eiffel Tower and Ryan bought Eva a rose. What I'm trying to say is that Ryan Gosling fucked Eva Mendes... read more

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are in love!!!

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling went on another date this week, this time at the Griffith Park Observatory in Hollywood before hiking down the hill to Evas house. Sounds romantic. "Hey Eva, I know you have a $2,000 purse and platform sandals, but how about we go down that... read more

Perez Hilton should get punched in the face again

This weeks People magazine cover story is about cyber-bullying and Tyler Clementi, the Rutgers University freshman who committed suicide after his roommate streamed video from a hidden webcam showing Clementi making out with another guy. Lance Bass, Kathy Griffin, Tim... read more

eva mendes is too sexy (update!)

A new billboard in SoHo for Calvin Klein is getting some people all worked up because they claim it's, "borderline pornography". The ad, which features Eva Mendes, is also on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood, but no one there seems to be complaining. Maybe because much of... read more

eva mendes knows how to promote a movie

Eva Mendes was in New York last night for a screening of 'Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans', and if someone wanted to make the case that she's the best looking person on earth, I would find it hard to argue. What helped is that she didn't wear a bra and her shirt... read more

eva mendes is ridiculous

Eva Mendes stars with Nic Cage in the sequel to 'Bad Lieutenant', and as always she looked terrific at it's Venice premier last night.  It didn't hurt that she occasionally flicked her tongue at the photographers, as if giving the paparazzi erections would make them take... read more

Eva Mendes is sort of attractive

Eva Mendes is on vacation in Italy this week, and she looks even hotter now than she did when we made our sex tape. And she looked amazing in our sex tape.  When it came out, the Hollywood Reporter said, "Mendes is a stunner, breathtaking from start to finish … Brendon... read more


I’m extremely grateful to Italian Vogue for getting Eva Mendes to pose almost naked, but they still manage to make it all weird and less awesome than it should have been.  For starters, they gave her a red afro in some of these.  It's like I'm jacking off to the mayor of... read more


Various sources say today that not only has Eva Mendes gone to rehab for substance abuse, but she's already been there for a few weeks.  What a big star!  TMZ says: We're told the "Ghost Rider" star is at the famous Cirque Lodge, near Sundance. The Lodge, which treated... read more