Farrah Abraham in A Bikini

Dating life is tough for a single mom. Single mom anal porn stars not nearly as bad. Farrah Abraham has been the "toughest case yet" for We channel's Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger who finds people who aren't really millionaires and creates artificial relationships that last so long as the cameras are on.

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Farrah Abraham Ramping Up Her Little One

People who get pissed about child exploitation under the guise of credibility for their general outrage are scolding Farrah Abraham for having her seven year old daughter pancaked in makeup for a bikini photo shoot for Pedo Bear Monthly. It's on the newsstands next to Inspire and White Jet.read more

Farrah Abraham Empire Building

Farrah Abraham is quietly turning her fifteen minutes of teen pregnancy fame into a small empire of strip mall stores and online vagina molds that might just make her a wealthy woman. Abraham just opened a frozen yogurt shop in Texas, with her furniture store and children's clothing boutique prepping to open later this summer. It used to be that unwed mothers had to go live with their aunts out of state before moving...read more

Farrah Abraham Wins Just For Showing Up

Farrah Abraham works invitations to mildly legitimate press events while other porn actresses are obviously excluded. She invokes the Kardashian exception citing that chicks who became famous from being fucked from behind on camera but also have reality shows are to be classified as fringe celebrity, not sex workers.read more

Farrah Abraham And Jenna Shea Porn Stars Making Not Porn

April Fool's has gone corporate. Every major brand advertiser and mega media outlet pulled some cheap publicity stunt with an April Fool's prank. The conceit going in that you're not expected to be fooled. At best, mildly amused. Valentine's Day used to mean fucking. Now it's just a mall jewelry store trip. The 4th of July means bedding and trucks are on sale. Labor Day is school supplies. The word holiday derives...read more

Farrah Abraham v. Kendall Jenner And Shit Around The Web

It's difficult to say who is more of a useless sack of shit, Farrah Abraham or the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan. As Kendall Jenner and Farrah Abraham trade barbs I can't pick who to root for. It's reminds me of this time I saw two crack whores having a bottle fight in an alley in NYC. Though, to be fair, the Ray J joke is pretty solid. (TMZ) Hannah Ferguson is all kinds of booby in Victoria's Secret. (Last Men On...

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Sophia Abraham Seems Precocious

Farrah Abraham set up a social media account for her six year old daughter to prove that Facebook and Instagram are super concerned with nipplesand not much else in terms of enforcing their TOS. Farrah and her daughter Sophiaoften re-post each other's content, discuss their eyebrow waxings, and support each other in social media battles as puppet and master often do. There's macabre photos of Sophia visiting her teen...

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Nicki Minaj and Farrah Abraham Go Lincoln Douglas

Nicki Minaj called Teen Mom a #BigCUNTon Twitterbecause Farrah Abraham spoke rudely to her mom on some MTV reality show where ugly people with lots of makeup dab their eyes with tiny facial wipes. Twitter turns out to be the perfect universe for the limited lobed people who like watching porn stars just talk about their problems as a form of entertainment. You ever worry your insults aren't terse enough? Try Twitter....

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Farrah Abraham Joins James Deen Rape Wagon And Shit Around The Web

Media whore Farrah Abraham has joined other adult film "actresses" claiming that walking hard-on James Deen raped her. I'm no expert, but I saw part of that tape and she didn't look like she was resisting. Also, didn't she claim they were dating and that their "sex tape" was stolen? Hmm, I don't think she's being completely honest. (Last Men On Earth) Former narco leader Ana Pacheco shows off some different kinds of...

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Farrah Abraham Working Her Corner

Farrah Abraham has nailed the look for low end sex products. Since her last plastic surgery failed she's qualified for ADA protections which means Belgian softcore porn companies operating in the US must hire her or Chloe Sevigny who qualifies under the tit mole exemptions. This latest shoot in lingerie is for a social network described as Eye Candy. This is a social network in the sense that Craigslist Casual...read more

Farrah Abraham Sexpo Ready

I don't know exactly what a sexpo is, but should you find yourself at one, consider sexercide. You've hit bottom. Farrah Abraham is now a thing in England because she was on their edition of Celebrity Big Brother and because British people are much kinder to women with homely faces. What Farrah Abraham knows about sex includes the upsides of unprotected intercourse in high school and how to relax your sphincter under...

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Farrah Abraham Cuts Deeply

Farrah Abraham announced she's going under the knife for the third time to fulfill her dream of turning her tits into the largest crullershaped attached structurewest of the Mississippi. The first tit job got her into porn. The second tit job got her back on MTV. The third tit job will repair the damage left to her tits from sleeping many evenings too close to the rail yard. There really is no fourth tit job. At that...read more

Farrah Abraham DNA Not Flying Off the Shelf

According to Celebrity Gene, makers of fine liquid human DNA filled necklaces since whenever, the Farrah Abraham model wasn't exactly moving. After four months on the market, not a single one had sold. Buying a pendant filled with a stranger's genetic material seems like an odd purchase. Maybe Charles Manson freaks or Taylor Swift's easily manipulatedteens would find it provides some kind of comfort when totally alone...read more

Farrah Abraham Tussles With Them British Bitches

Representing America. Farrah Abraham would not sit still when the script on the Celebrity Big Brother side show On the Side demanded she insult her British counterparts with big tits from the show. If you've ever seen these after-show or wrap-up and review panels on Bravo after the Housewives shows, you know they are basically tortured WWE Divas routines played out in low cut gowns. At some point Farrah Abraham called...

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Farrah Abraham And Jenna Jameson Evicted

The selling point of the Big Brother TV show continues to elude me. You gather up disturbed sex workers you'd never want as roommates, pack them all into a fake house, and spy on them except when they're changing because that might be viscerally compelling. In England they do a celebrity version of the show, if by celebrity you mean Backyard Teen Mom and twelve stone Jenna Jameson who is now left with only fond...read more