Genevieve Morton Extreme Sideboob

I'd never tell a woman how to dress. If I did, I'd tell her to dress like this. If you notice how greasy her face is you're probably sexually fluid and should consider spending more on belts. This Owen Wilson movie has all the makings of a film that one guy you really hate at work will tell you he loved. Again, focus on the tits. You're not in David Geffen's treehouse. You still need to pretend. Photo Credit:...

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Genevieve Morton in A Bikini

This chick really is my favorite. She's the hot blonde South African model that wasn't killed by Oscar Pistorious in the Blade Runner model murder roulette. She's using her second chance at life to show off her tits and ass in every single one of her home country's twenty nine thousand swimsuit magazines. They do love their bikinis mags on the southern tip of that plague stricken continent. It helps to remind them more

Genevieve Morton Poses In Bikinis

I don't know why women require eighty-two dozen bikini options each summer. You could probably do with three. The Model, the Average Girl, and the You Probably Shouldn't Be in a Bikini. Men only need five minutes to purchase a bathing suit. That includes check out and parking. The exception is in Europe where men Theodolite their Lycra stretched junk to ensure they will properly interlock in the all-male beach...

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Genevieve Morton Poses Nude for Randall Slavin

This South African chick will do anything for attention. You think laying naked on a rocky beach is pleasant? You get a chunk of limestone up your cunny and you'll be wondering why you didn't take that weekend shift at the Johannesburg Chick-fil-A. Ambition really is what differentiates the aspiring models from the girls who no longer have to blow old men named Rick to pay the rent. What's a rock up the cooch more

Genevieve Morton Topless In GQ

Genevieve Morton seems to be booking about five magazine shoots per day. She finished out last night with a racy nature pictorial for Ranger Rick. She's trying to earn enough coin to be smuggled over the giant wall they built around South Africa to contain all the rabid vacation resort monkeys. Either that or Oscar Pistorious invited her over to use his bathroom. It's only a matter of time before she's dating a soccer...

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Genevieve Morton In Lingerie

I like this South African chick a lot. I'd like to think we could spend hours over drinks discussing how the trains ran on time under Apartheid before unlocking the seven deadbolts on her Johannesburg loft and making love like otters. Christ, just look at that body. She makes me want to learn a foreign language or kill an MTV programming executive. As if I'd ever learn a foreign language. Photo Credit: Panache...

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Genevieve Morton's Boobs Seem Smart

The rise of Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated photography sessions has been a huge boon for hot girls in South Africa. While these young women used to be limited to lives as the trophy wives of wealthy blood diamond purveyors and members of secret Afrikaner purity death squads, they can now rise to the level of international models and celebrities. And, they still probably have a little time left over for more

Genevieve Morton Isn't Wearing an Awful Lot

This South African chick is about to be airbrushed up to and including the wazoo in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. I felt it was my duty as Student Body President to share a look at her tits not technologically re-imagined. Someday, they won't even hire girls to model anymore, they'll just digitally produce them for total ease and manipulation of male viewers. I hope that day is soon and the controller...

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Genevieve Morton Models Lingerie For AW 2014 Panache

Photo Credit: Panache [gallery id="4341"]

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Genevieve Morton on a Rock Means It's Almost Time for S.I. Photoshop Season

It's January which means the gnomes in the art department at Sports Illustrated are working double shifts to airbrush the shit out of the thousands of photos the former sports journal took of spray tanned models over the past six months. In just a few weeks time we'll be able to see tons of homogenized looking nipple-less female forms of non-distinct ethnic backgrounds. I'm going to continue to pleasure myself to my...

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Genevieve Morton Poses in Lingerie

Women must buy a shit ton of underwear because there are about a thousand different nameplates outside the sweatshops in Mynamar. By my count, there are three different options for men's undergarments. If you're in a store with a ton of underwear options for guys, think before you Facebook your location. It's probably time to tell your parents you're gay. Genevieve Morton is pretty damn hot. She's South African so her...

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Genevieve Morton Models Lingerie For Parisa USA

Photo Credit: Parisa USA [gallery id="4852"]

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Genevieve Morton In A Lingerie Photoshoot

Photo Credit: Tracy Kahn [gallery id="5142"]

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Genevieve Morton is highly, highly underated

It's an undisputed fact that short girls are better than tall girls and girls with big tits are better than everything, but Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Genevieve Morton is just as hot as Kate Upton, has even bigger tits, AND is South African meaning she has that sexy accent, yet somehow isn't hugely famous. It's the weirdest thing and I don't understand it all. It would be like living in a world where Superman...

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its the Sports Illustrated swimsuit calendar, part 2

God knows why there are two versions of this thing, but there are, and so here's the second one (first one here). I cropped the tags and the actual calendar part again, so you'll just have to take my word for it when I tell you that Christmas is on a Tuesday next year. (note: just right click on a pic if you need the models name. its in the file name.)read more