Halle Berry Braless

There's an art to turning fifty. If that art involves you posting braless selfies worthy of a late night tug, you're nailing your art. read more

Halle Berry Joins Instagram

Halle Berry is one of the A-listers who had previously refused to join social media. It's like fronting commercials for shrimp ramen in Japan. You do it for the cash. You don't want your kids or your pastor to know. Social media exposure is the Tijuana donkey show.... read more

Halle Berry Tits Signal Single

Halle Berry has at least one more super good looking abusive future boyfriend or husband in her. She might keep making babies until she's sixty-five if the science of super expensive unnecessary laboratory reproduction continues to evolve. She seems immune to the aging... read more

Halle Berry Hair Fight

Halle Berry and her intermittently employedmodel ex husband Gabriel Aubry have been feuding in court about their daughter's hair because they are both fucked up and deranged narcissists. Berry had claimed Aubry was bleaching the girl's hair to make her appear more white.... read more

Halle Berry's Daughter Getting Whitewashed

Halle Berry accused her loser ex husband of trying to turn their daughter white in court. Ex model and and black market ivory trafficker Gabriel Aubry has been straightening the girl's hair and died it blonde because he apparently wants the girl to be white. No legally... read more

Gabriel Aubry Unemployable

Halle Berry's ex husband is an idle handliving off her financial support. After Berry's new hot fuck buddy Olivier Martinez beat the shit out of him, Aubry claims he was unable to get modeling work for six months because his face was fucked up and male modeling pay is an... read more

Halle Berry Seems a Bit Snatchy

I might be juvenile, but I got excited when Halle Berry almost showed off where babies of fifty year olds come from. I bet she's had that vagina surgery that gives her twat the size, grip, and poor decision making skills of a teenager again. I'm sure her French husband... read more

Halle Berry Has to Support Her Baby Daddy

The day women started getting into the 'I'll bang hot young models because I can' game is the day they opened themselves up for all the shit that comes after. Like Halle Berry being ordered to pay $200K a year in support to the French Canadian dude she boned until she... read more

Crazy Suing Crazy To Sell a TV Show

A homeless woman named Jo Anne Vandegriff came up with an interesting way to get a pitch meeting: suing Amanda Bynes. The wannabe TV producer wasn't having any luck getting a meeting at Disney to pitch her Civil War romance series, you know, because she's a fucking crazy... read more

Halle Berry Looks Good After Yet Another Euro Model Baby

I can't remember which swarthy looking European man is the dad of Halle Berry's latest kid, but as always Halle looks ready to make more after just having this one. Getting Halle pregnant isn't the hard part, it's the near medically impossible part. But they said that at... read more

Halle Berry Is Very Pregnant

Halle Berry is very pregnant by way of whomever the current Euro-model she's now dating. I have a sneaking suspicion that she likes everybody knowing she's pregnant. And not just because Halle's bravely proving that rich women can have unnecessarily high risk pregnancies... read more

Halle Berry Ships Her Daughter Overseas

It's kind of a sad day, but you knew it had to come. Halle Berry took her daughter Nahla to FedEx to get her passport picture. With the new baby on the way by the next temperamental male model, it's time to ship the five year old reminder of the last guy off somewhere... read more