Olivia Munn, Jenny McCarthy, Hope Solo... We Score The Hollywood Sex Accusers Tales of Woe on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #110

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast we delved deep into the numerous alleged sexual harassment offenses of women in Hollywood, the H.W. teenaged Cop-a-Feeling, wonder how Kim Kardashian free passes her way into a baby shower with no fetus around, wonder who the first... read more

Hope Solo Quits For Real, Fuck, What Now for Women's Soccer?

Women's soccer was invented so people would stop bitching about how lame men's soccer was. It's not working. There was that time that masculine chick in a restrictive sports bra took her jersey off and that's all I remember. Until Hope Solo. Drunken raging redneck from a... read more

Hope Solo Digs Team USA Schwag

Hope Solo and her husband were driving one of the Women's National Team vans at the time of his DUI arrest. Team USA is suspending her for 30 days for stealing their ride. It was that or a grounding and missing the prom. Bonnie and Clyde must've been pretty blasted.... read more

Hope Solo, Jerramy Stevens Model Americans

Former NFL player Jerramy Stevens was arrested for drunk driving as he was so wasted he failed to spell his name correctly in a sobriety test. Granted, look at how fucked up his parents spelled Jeremy and you might let the guy go. His wife Hope Solo was in the car and... read more

Hope Solo Punched Her Sister and Nephew Because Soccer Is Boring

It'd take a man with big fucking nuts to call soccer boring in the middle of the month every four years when it's slightly less boring. I am that big nutted man. Sure, there's the corruption, the lousy refereeing, the neo-Nazi protestors, the half-standing stadiums built... read more

Hope Solo was slapped during 'Dancing with the Stars'

Hope Solo just won a gold medal in London as goalie for the US powder-puff I mean womens soccer team, but that's not gonna get attention for her new book. Saying that Maksim Chmerkovskiy, her partner when she was on 'Dancing with the Stars' two seasons ago, slapped her... read more