Icky Azalea Frankly Disturbing In New Selfie

Since apparently Bella Hadid's tits were too blasé for you guys yesterday, today we're upping the ante with an Icky Azalea botched Instagram selfie that will make your peen question science, humanity, and Tijuana plastic surgeon ethics, and then seek therapy and head... read more

Miss Universe Contenders and Shit Around the Web

Twerking singers, chicks naked under aprons, and more! read more

Iggy Azalea Fake Butt Cheeks In Time For Halloween

If you ever lifted up a cushion from your couch to eye that linty but still good fallen Gardetto and thought "While it's in my hand, what if I just went ahead and stapled this cushion to my ass?" you have more in common with Iggy Azalea than you think. The rarest of... read more

Iggy Azalea Latex Come Back (VIDEO)

Iggy Azalea huddled with crisis managers who gave her the idea to think low rent during her rebuild. A simple bit of genius. Most MTV demo pop stars shamed from the circuit attempt to come back with some high-minded 2.0. read more

Bella Thorne Blew Man Group and Shit Around the Web

  Iggy Azalea assless pants, Paula Bulczynska shirtless, and more! read more

Iggy Azalea Clap Back Comeback

Iggy Azalea might have found a path out of the international pit of the despised. Fellow singer Halsey must be a human with eyes, ears, and at least three brain cells, because she called Azalea a "fucking moron" during an interview with The Guardian. Halsey accidentally... read more

Iggy Azalea Purple People Eater For Mexico

Iggy Azalea was spotted wearing a two piece bathing suit on a yacht in Los Cabos, Mexico. Mexican paparazzi haven't caught wind that the twenty-six-year-old Azalea is about as relevant as her namesake trailer park flowers.  read more

Iggy Azalea Claims Top Vagina

Every few months Iggy Azalea comes out and admits another part on her body isn't entirely natural. That's no way to win back your reputation. Or the men who imagined fucking you from behind while watching the ballgame and asking you to wait to speak until commercial. read more

Iggy Azalea Back On The Horse

Iggy Azalea finds emotional solace in equestrian time with her two white stallions. Don't read into that. Also from not working for eighteen months and living off royalties and plastic surgery pain killers. read more

Iggy Azalea Ass Pic Divide

Social media followers of Iggy Azalea are battling over whether her latest exaggerated visual ass squat is the result of even more plastic surgery or Photoshop trickery. read more

Iggy Azalea Bum Rush

The fact Iggy Azalea thinks this is a flattering picture speaks to a harsh truth: People are fucking garbage. She's into body modification possibly as a response to a documented rape she is on the record as having enjoyed. You don't hear that much. It's not refreshing.... read more

Things Not To Say When You're Banging a Baby Into a Woman Not Your Fiancée

People have always been really fucking stupid. Social media has allowed us a window into the stupid. Imagine if Magic Johnson had lived his Showtime humping diary out on Twitter. Far less mystique. Though a clearer insight into where The AIDS came from. Nick Young is the... read more