Iggy Azalea Bum Rush

The fact Iggy Azalea thinks this is a flattering picture speaks to a harsh truth: People are fucking garbage. She's into body modification possibly as a response to a documented rape she is on the record as having enjoyed. You don't hear that much. It's not refreshing. This chick should have turned up in a dumpster.

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Things Not To Say When You're Banging a Baby Into a Woman Not Your Fiancée

People have always been really fucking stupid. Social media has allowed us a window into the stupid. Imagine if Magic Johnson had lived his Showtime humping diary out on Twitter. Far less mystique. Though a clearer insight into where The AIDS came from. Nick Young is the crop of millennials who have confused social media with shit you only share with your friends over drinks. I know more about Nick Young's personal...read more

Iggy Azalea Checks Security Footage

According to Iggy Azalea who is an albino wannabe black skank with a memory foam ass, she caught Nick Young cheating on her while she was away by looking at security camera footage. Don't you have to disclose to people when they're being filmed? One of these whores should sue the shit out of her or she could just share her cell phone contacts with Iggy so she can suck off Dwight Howard and they'll call it even.read more

Iggy Azalea Free Falling

MTV renewed an eighth season of Nick Cannon's Wild 'N Out series because Mariah Carey made them in exchange for first rights to the kids for photo ops at the holidays. Nick Cannon describes his show as a no-holds-barred discussion with mega celebrities such as Scott Disick, Tyga, and Iggy Azalea. Implicitly a Victoria Principal adult acne treatment infomercial will hold more authentic thrills.read more

Iggy Azalea Jokes About Slicing Off Nick Young's Cock

In the wake of Lakers scrub Nick Young getting busted on video talking about fucking other girls, fiancée Iggy Azalea has threatened to go Lorena Bobbitt on him. Which isn't really Lorena Bobbitt since she went Lorena Bobbitt without warning. "I already said one more video, just one more thing and you will lose a quarter of your meat.I'm not cool with it… Like you'll have half a penis." That would leave him with only...

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Iggy Azalea Horseback Ass

If cosmic karma existed, the horse would be on top. Look at that fucking ass. The bulging bit of buggery that Iggy Azalea refuses to add to her cosmetic surgery confession list. TMZ and their court house weasel crew report that Azalea owes $400,000 in back taxes to the IRS. They also report she's still wearing the $500,00 engagement ring Nick Young gave her to keep her trap shut about his cheating until it's on film...

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D'Angelo Russell Making Friends

There's one rule of pussy hound club. D'Angelo Russell broke it when he secretly filmed his Lakers roommate Nick Young talking about boning a nineteen year old chick not his fiancee, Iggy Azalea. Nick Young goes by the moniker Swaggy P and watches E! television so you know he's an asshole before you even hear him talking like an asshole. Doesn't matter. Rules are rules. The tape got leaked to one of the growing number...

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Iggy Azalea Plastic Surgery Shamed

Eventually people will seek sympathy for every less admirable thing they do by claiming they were shamed because of it. Iggy Azalea wants points for admitting she had her nose and tits done while still lying about her ass. She thinks it's unfortunate that in 2016 women have to lie about cosmetic surgery because everybody is doing it. I wanted to change my nose because I didn't grow up with a bump on it — that happened...

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Macklemore Calls The Kettle White And Shit Around The Web

Macklemore made yet another song apologizing for being a white guy in a black dominated business that rips off hip hop culture. He compared himself to Iggy Azelea and Miley Cyrus and Elvis, to name just a few horrible horrible people who like himself aren't giving back the huge gobs of money. What a douchenozzle. (TMZ) What happens when gay dudes have to touch a vajayjay? Hilarity. (Last Men On Earth) Scout Wilson...read more

Iggy Azalea Out of Ideas

Iggy Azalea had a crappy 2015. An innocent child stepped forward and pointed at her and said her music sucked and her ass was gross and the teen mob awoke from a peerpressure coma. Azalea quit Twitter eleven times after backlash from copping to up to half of her plastic surgical enhancements in the name of full disclosure. Her scheduled Fall tour was canceled without anybody putting any time into a real fake excuse....read more

Iggy Azalea Felled

Iggy Azalea can't catch a break. If you discount the fact that she's become rich and famous with extremely limited skills and the complexion of the antoginistin The Eiger Sanction, it's been a rough ride. Following cancelation of her fall tour due to music so inexorably shitty even teenagers are disavowing it, Azelea got booted from the Pittsburgh Pride festival because somebody suddenly remembered she used to use the...

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Nick Young And Iggy Azalea Who Cares

Nick Young proposed to his real doll girlfriend Iggy Azalea right in time for the NBA Finals in hopes of perhaps scoring a fleeting mention of this during a slow halftime show. Young gave Azalea a ring reportedly worth $500,000 which Azalea awkwardly flaunted on Instagram like a two year old being given her first pony statuette. Young is probably worth around $10 million after taxes so this will end up in a pawn shop...

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Iggy Azalea Canceled Until Further Notice

Iggy Azalea's big second half of 2015 concert tour was canceled due to what is being called production delays. According to people who lie without hesitation for a living, Azalea's complex stage production just couldn't be put together in time for her upcoming Albino No Likee Light world tour. This could be true if there were an international shortage of black gay male backup dancers with killer abs. Or the world ran...

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Britney Spears And Iggy Azalea Pretty Girls (VIDEO)

If there is an actual race to the bottom for inanely worded computer generated pop songs, it's time to hand out the award. Pop music for teen girls never required musically gifted performers. But they had to provide vocals. If that last connection to song production is no longer part of the process, then you can literally plug in anybody. Why the freaky looking albino?You've just savagedmy Britney Spears fap with that...read more

Iggy Azalea Talks to Kids About Her New Tits

Oh, boy, was Iggy Azaleamortifiedwhen ExtraTV had ten year old child actor Nicholas Bechtel ask her about spilling the beans on her new fake tits when nobody was asking. Azalea paused for astonished effect just like in rehearsalthen opened up her heart: Just because I think it's so common and I knew so many people in my regular life that had done it and had a good experience and I never seen any celebrities talk about...

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