Bobby Flay Maybe Knocked Up January Jones

Court papers filed by Bobby Flay's estranged wife allege he had three affairs during their ten year marriage, signifying she remains shockingly naive about the whole thing. Jesus was a carpenter. Throw in the bank teller maybe something will stick.Included in Flay's... read more

January Jones Bangs The Last Man On Earth And Shit Around The Web

Will Forte is currently getting into a nice bit of January Jones.When those primetime series paychecks start rolling in, so does a better class of women. Or perhaps it's entirely unrelated. Am I right dude from Lost who had every single woman in the world for five... read more

January Jones Poses In Lingerie

January Jones has a reputation for being high maintenance. But I think that's mostly because outside of letting the X-Men director shtup a baby into her on set, she's not particularly outgoing in public settings. Plus, she plays a horrible bitch in Mad Men. I wouldn't... read more

January Jones Wants to Have Sex With Rihanna

Meh. It's one of those stupid questions that used to be provocative, now every girl in Hollywood has a prepared answer for it. Which other girl would you like to sleep with? Everybody used to say Mila Kunis because they could earnestly say how pretty she is, how... read more

January Jones Out With Her Immaculate Conception for Mother's Day

Two years on now and January Jones has still yet to give up the goods on who nailed her pregnant. One top rumor is her X-Men director Matthew Vaughn. Some people don't like to mention this rumor because it automatically draws a very threatening letter from the attorney... read more

January Jones In See-Through Top

Photo Credit: FameFlynet, PCN [gallery guid=805981] read more

January Jones is still delightful, considerate

January Jones had to pick up some dry-cleaning yesterday, but hopefully no handicapped people did because she parked in their spot. Of course it's possible she didn't know it was a handicapped spot. Maybe she thought the picture of a wheelchair meant this was parking for... read more

January Jones is too busy for makeup, her baby

Here are the captions for these pictures from three different picture agencies: - "January Jones takes her son Xander to the doctor in Santa Monica." - "January Jones feeds her meter in Los Angeles before taking her son Xander to the doctors." - "Makeup-less January... read more

January Jones Represents Hard-Working Single Moms Now

I'll pause for a moment so all of the other single moms can put down their champagne glass and hand off their child to an army of Filipino housekeepers to get the scoop here. via Us Weekly: I was back when the baby was only 6 or 7 weeks old so it was difficult," the... read more

Heather Morris and January Jones Got Hacked

The newest internet meme is apparently hacked cell phone pics whether real (Heather Morris, above) or fake (January Jones). Unfortunately I won't be posting either of them because I'm new around here and I'm not sure what the protocol is, however, the lawyer aiming a... read more

January Jones is recovering nicely

It's been just 4 months since January Jones gave birth, yet she looks almost exactly like she did before. So, she still hasn't named the babies father, and she won't touch the baby, and now, physically, it's like nothing ever happened. It sorta seems like her plan is to... read more

January Jones is still an icy bitch

January Jones took her two-month-old son Xander to a doctor's office in Santa Monica yesterday, or at least January was there, followed later by her nanny who actually had the baby. Januarys approach to parenting is, "lets not make this personal." (image source = splash... read more