Jennifer Aniston Scolds the Celebrity Media

Jennifer Aniston turned to the all white soul cycling female editorial bastion Huffington Post to scold the shit out of gossip rags for their intrusive running commentary on her personal life. She neglected to mention the premium celebrity magazine outlets with whom she's... read more

Jennifer Aniston Nipping In New York And Shit Around The Web

There's a special affection a man feels for a woman whose nipples are constantly visible. It's a maternal comfort combined with an unseemly erection. This is why we have shrinks. Work that shit out. It's not Jennifer Aniston's fault she really loves the sunshine. read more

Jennifer Aniston Named Most Beautiful And Shit Around The Web

People Magazine came out with its most beautiful people issue and chose Jennifer Aniston as the most beautiful person of 2016. No, you didn't get stuck in a time warp to 1993.This is how magazines get access and how you lose faith in magazines. Her arms creep me out. (... read more

Jennifer Aniston Pokies

Jennifer Aniston got privately married to that actor who wears a motorcycle helmet to ensure she'd be as boring as humanly possible. Her long standing 'I don't need a man to be happy' shtick was the last vestige of interesting. She's back on set with Jason Sudeikis... read more

Old Crone Jennifer Aniston Gets Hitched And Shit Around The Web

Rachel from that shitty Friends show, (AKA Jennifer Aniston), married her longtime boyfriend Justin Theroux in a secret wedding. And nary a fuck was given anywhere. Read all about her latest grab for relevance. (TMZ) Berit Birkeland shows off her topless tits in a pool.... read more

Angelina Jolie And Jennifer Aniston Co-Exist

A you stole my man with your slutty vagina accusation lingers on through eternity. At the time, it seemed easy to peg. Jennifer Aniston was vanilla ice cream and Angelina Jolie was hot pussy juice flavored ice cream and stole Brad Pitt because he has a dick and that's... read more

Jennifer Aniston Savvy

Jennifer Aniston recently reminisced about about her ex boyfriend who died of brain cancer in 2007, Daniel McDonald. Aniston apparently thinks she should have settled down with himposthumously, which is amazing news to the guy she is currently banging, Justin Theroux:... read more

Jennifer Aniston's Withered Womb And Shit Around The Web

Old crone Jennifer Aniston wants the media to stop pressuring her to shit out a flesh-colored baby turd already.This isn't like asking the Yankees if they're going after pitching in the offseason. Aniston's about to turn 46. She can find sperm. She clearly doesn't want a... read more

Jennifer Aniston Still Making Movies

Jennifer Aniston revealed her financially motivated inspiration for reprising her role as the nympho dentistin Horrible Bosses II. The critically panned and widely considered unnecessary follow up to 2011's copacetic original features Aniston again appearing three... read more

Jennifer Aniston Mocks Kim Kardashian

Jennifer Aniston stuffed her top on the Ellen show to mock Kim Kardashian and presumably make Ellen's boxers moist with flop sweat. It was hilarious, if you're notion of pure entertainment is a future spinster mocking a woman who has a husband, a child, and more money... read more

Jennifer Aniston Goes Straight to Mopey

Unlike her standard publicity methodology where Jennifer Aniston first talks about being topless in her latest movie, then gets praised by vagina heads for being so brave in her 40's, then turns out not to be topless, then conjures up rumors about her dating her hunky... read more