Jennifer Lawrence Reasonably Poor Drunken Stripper

Radar Online was the highest bidder for a cellphone camera video of Jennifer Lawrence wasted on stage at a strip club in Austria during a break from filming. She was in danger only so much as her sober Mossad-trained body guard was three feet away and capable of killing... read more

Brie Larson Girl Power Extravaganza

Brie Larson seems desperate to interject herself into any conversation regarding feminism. This has included such harrowing acts as not clapping when Casey Affleck won an Oscar and making a bunch of money to star in a movie about a woman who was kidnapped and raped... read more

Jennifer Lawrence Screwed By Older Man

Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky are doing romantically great. Aronofsky is a 48-year-old director who looks like he scheduled the trains for Mussolini; Lawrence a 26-year-old actress who did better than Trump last year and screams wage gap. read more

Jennifer Lawrence's Shirt Is Epic

Jennifer Lawrence posed for Dior's 2017 fashion line wearing a shirt that says "We Should All Be Feminists." It's unclear what that means. Certainly we need checks and balances. read more

Guy Who Hacked Jennifer Lawrence Photos Gets Nine Months

Edward Majerczyk took a plea deal of nine months in prison for stealing photo and video content from over three hundred celebrity and non-celebrity people dumb enough to fall for his amateur hour phishing email, most notably Jennifer Lawrence. read more

Anna Faris Sideboob Seems Purposeful

At some point when you're married to an actor who's spending four months filming romantic scenes with a young blond who digs weed and makes toilet jokes you have to concede he's probably fucking her. read more

Jennifer Lawrence Will Not Be Underpaid Anymore

Jennifer Lawrence made a huge ass of herself when she was talked into complaining about the gender pay gap by a bunch of less attractive women who understand every actor's Achilles heal is believing themselves to be halfway intelligent.  read more

Jennifer Lawrence Proves Herself Wrong

Jennifer Lawrence didn't get paid as much as Bradley Cooper for acting in American Hustle even though she had much less screen time and lines and days on set and was a supporting character. She got paid more than Woody Harrelson for the definitively shitty Hunger Games... read more

Rose McGowan Calls Out Apocalypse

A few years ago Rose McGowan made the switch from tight tank topped femme fatale who sleeps with her directors to muckraker railing against Hollywood for being sexist. It's like graduating into the Sr. PGA Tour. After having bad plastic surgery and shaving your head. read more

The Jennifer Lawrence Bubble Is a Nice Place to Live

It's hard to know if Hollywood's spoilt class are constantly bringing up female body size issues in interviews or if it's a blatant push by the fashion magazines that have promoted anorexia through the years to appear on top of underarm fat roll acceptance. In Harper's... read more

Settle Down, Jennifer Lawrence And Shit Around The Web

I don't know about you, but I'm kind of over Jennifer Lawrence. She's hot enough and all but she's way the fuck overexposed. I'm increasingly finding her antics, like her wearing short cut-offs and a jacket that says "perv" like in these pics, increasingly grating. Just... read more

Jennifer Lawrence Makes It Rain (VIDEO)

Jennifer Lawrence is donating two-million dollars to Kosair Children's Hospital in her home state of Kentucky to help out kids with cancer and heart disease. That's pretty fucking solid. In a homemade video with lower production value than her hijacked naked selfies,... read more