Jennifer Lopez and Lin Manuel Miranda, Like You Fucking Dreamed It Would Be (VIDEO)

Jennifer Lopez and Lin Manuel Miranda, the dude who brought historically reinterpreted musical theater to the masses at just $1800 a seat, have been working on a charity single to benefit the victims of the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting. Proceeds from the culturally significant rap will go toward the Hispanic Federation's Proyecto Somos Orlando which provides Spanish speaking mental health services to Pulse more

Jennifer Lopez Ain't Your Mama (VIDEO)

Women's rights sells. Sex also. You really have merge the two to ride the commercial wave. People who breathlessly await shitty packaged pop music videos collectively gasped in their Twitter feeds to the stunning yet supremely tired visuals in Lopez' Ain't Your Mama release. If gender equality means legitimizing lazy street slang, you have to feel a slight tug to start marching behind it.

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Jennifer Lopez Teams Up with Dr. Luke

Former Fly Girl Jennifer Lopez released a new song. Boring. The catchy new auto-tuned dittywas produced by Kesha accused rapist, hit maker and star music producer Dr. Luke. Kesha has lost every significant court battle against Dr. Luke, but she droppedthe word "rape" which is like releasing the feministKrakken. Hillary Clinton reminded us that a woman is to be believed in her rape accusations until proven false. And...

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Jennifer Lopez Can't Quit

Jennifer Lopez has major bank from her entertainment career. She also owns a sugar plantation with seventy-three black Caribbean slaves you don't hear her talk about unless she's wasted. She's got a gay boyfriend who agrees to use the deep voice when frothing her through the sheets. Even with a brand new TV cop show, she's launched an in-residency show at Planet Hollywood in Vegas. Lopez is forty-six and never could...

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Jennifer Lopez A UN Ambassador Also Too

B-list actresses come out with latter day questionable lesbian credentials, the A-listers get United Nations ambassadorships for generally uplifting and vague sounding causes. Jennifer Lopez scored the coveted Advocate for Women and Girls title previously held by nobody since it was made up right before Lopez agreed to show up in a gown at the U.N. forum on gender equality at the Four Seasons. Jennifer Lopez more

J-Lo Can't Sit Through Mariah And Shit Around The Web

The Internet is all in a tizzy after Jennifer Lopez was caught texting during Mariah Carey's performance at the Billboard Music Awards.The more appropriate celebrity response is to pretend you're watching raptly while imaging Mariah dead and you singing at her funeral to heaps of praise. See the incriminating photo. (TMZ) Holly Graves will capture your hearts with some amazing sideboob and thong shots. (Egotastic) more

Jennifer Lopez Supports Gay Marriage

Women with money should be able to do whatever they fuck they please just like men with money and government officials. Jennifer Lopez is going to marry her gay backup dancer in what is being reported by people who have no idea whatsoever as a multimillion dollar affair in December. Lopez had broken up with Casper Smart earlier this year because he had been dirty texting trannies. Lopez later forgave him more

Jennifer Lopez Wears A Short Dress

Who will be the next Ford Coke Tampax American Idol? I don't know. The most important thing is that we as a nation accept the decision and quickly ignore the winner. If they're not penniless and ruined as a person within four years time, we haven't done our jobs. Jennifer Lopez legs do look nice for forty-five. That has to be something of a solace to the future loser winner. Photo Credit: INF [gallery id="2298"]

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J-Lo Relates

At a certain point you can squat down and take a shit in front of an intern for the Post and it will be deemedrelatable. This is the situation Jennifer Lopez finds herself in. She mumbledsome fantastically uninteresting informationand had it printed in bold because she has good mammaries: "I'm still Bronxy. I still wear hoops. I still like to rock sneakers and sweats. I always felt like I was out of place in...

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Jeremy Renner Is A Pimp And Shit Around The Web

Jeremy Renner used his two minutes as a presenter at the Golden Globes to come on to Jennifer Lopez. It's pretty fucking smooth. You shouldn't hit on a woman just because her tits are hanging out of her dress,you should also imagine you'd like her smile. This is how you compliment a lady on her knockers. (Dlisted) Alexis Ren heats up Instagram in a series of hot pics. (Egotastic) George Zimmerman arrested after...

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Jennifer Lopez Tits Also Were Pretty Perfect

I hope the Wizard at the People Magazine awards had something in his bag for Jennifer. Her tits deserved something after two kids. I don't care if the wet nurse did all the heavy lifting. Give J-Lo an obelisk or a Hardee's gift certificate or something. When People Magazine honors you, it means that your public relations agency and their sales staff spent many hours coming to some mutually beneficial arrangement....

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Nobody Wore Bras to the American Music Awards

Teens, old chicks, strange foreign chicks with pasties who nobody remembers inviting. All the girls went braless last night at the American Music Awards. After watching two minutes of sunken eyed anorexics talking fashion on E!, I discovered braless is a new style trend. I suppose it's better than tiny hats. The Jenner girls don't belong at a music awards show, but you ditch the bra and you're on every short list,...

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Jennifer Lopez Ass Is Concerning

The American Music are the Grammy Awards for people under fifty who like shitty music. The AMA's have always separated themselves by showing more young pop stars doing more ass grinding than the Grammy's though less than the VMAs which is porn with auto-tune. TMZ reports the AMA's are concerned that Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea might do something overly provocative during their performance of the classic music...

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Jennifer Lopez Breasts Doing Well

Jennifer Lopez's breasts seem to have recovered from her long term relationship with her gay male backup dancer. When I think of all those things her tits didn't go through while hooked up with a man who loved to shop for shoes, it's almost abusive. Whoever she's paying to keep those things looking picture perfect, it's not enough. Even if it's a Black Forest witch who drains the blood of children to cauldron more

Jennifer Lopez And Iggy Azalea Unleash Booty (VIDEO)

The Booty music video breaks new ground by doing nothing other than showing Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea twerking their oiled down asses while some auto-tuned sound maker repeats the word booty. It's actually kind of genius. Pretending pop stars can sing has always been a major boner kill. It's like pretending your CES hooker cares about your new streaming music player. Enjoying these pop stars more simply more