J Lo Does Coffee Better Than You

The green and white cup is the status symbol of stupidity. But that still didn’t stop J Lo from pimping out her carry around cup as if even owning a travel mug wasn’t already obnoxious.  read more

Dalia Elliott Bent Over and Shit Around the Web

Jennifer Lopez in spandex, the best butts of 2017, and more! read more

A-Rod and J.Lo Meet Cute Story Will Melt Your Heart

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are both divorced parents in their 40's who've found they like banging each other the thrice a month they get together in the same city. That should be enough. If only it were enough. read more

Chris Brown Wants To Test Drive JLo

Chris Brown will have to wait in line like everyone else fantasizing about boning JLo. She’s hot and she’s aging well, but I’m pretty sure the thought of a potential black eye after an outburst doesn’t make her wet. read more

JLo Jiggled Junk For Donations While Mark Anthony Robbed For Millions

Jennifer Lopez definitely cares about the distraught individuals left in the wake of a devastating hurricane. So she helped out the best way she knew how. Her ass.  read more

Jennifer Lopez Showgirl For Paper Magazine

In addition to including A-list retirement home pageant queen Mariah Carey in their "We've Still got it, We Swear" issue, Paper Magazine slaps Jennifer Lopez on the cover with an interview revealing that she might be a little dumb. read more

FTC Engages in Futile Battle Over Social Media Disclosure

The Federal Trade Commission is the intersection point between the free marketplace and regulation to keep people from getting unwittingly fucked in the free marketplace. Like making male Speedo ads note in eight point font that this banana hammock in no way will help you... read more

J-Lo Introduces A-Rod To Mother

Jennifer Lopez, 47, and Alex Rodriguez, 41, have officially taken their middle-aged romance to the next level. The former pop star introduced the disgraced baseball player to her mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez.  read more

J-Lo and A-Rod An Item

Fresh off her publicity concocted romance with Drake, Jennifer Lopez is reportedly humping Alex Rodriguez. Whatever keeps you in the news. The two have a lot in common. First off, they have the same face. read more

Jennifer Lopez Mysterious Breasts

Jennifer Lopez posted cryptic pre-printed messages on Instagram providing the opportunity for hundreds of thousands of women to muse over her relationship status with Drake over the weekend. Everybody finds their own form of living through others. Most chose the Super... read more

Jennifer Lopez Sideboob And Shit Around The Web

Jennifer Lopez's big ass and sideboob are still awesome. She's putting something in her water that keeps her incredibly youthful. Literally. Hormones and silicone. read more

Jennifer Lopez Ass Dance for Hillary (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton allowed Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez, the honorary role of keeping her upright during a get out the vote concert in Miami. Hillary Clinton's shown a difficulty climbing stairs recently of any height greater than one step. Everybody who hates her is... read more