Lovitz and Lowndes Fucking With You

Over the weekend, Beverly Hills 90210 reboot actress Jessica Lowndes started posting images of her new love affair and possible engagement with Jon Lovitz, thirty years and a hundredpounds her senior. She posted romantic pictures of the two including a nasty old guy hand... read more

Jessica Lowndes in A Bikini

This chick has almost twenty TV show acting credits and I can't say I've ever seen her before. I'd bump her to the front of the line for anything I was casting. It's impossible to go wrong with an actress with a sweet rack and nice ass. People can hate the show and all... read more

Jessica Lowndes Posts Bikini Picture With Jon Lovitz

Photo Credit: Instagram [gallery guid=802508] read more

Jessica Lowndes In Lingerie For Toro Magazine

Photo Credit: Toro Magazine [gallery ids="1401722,1401732,1401742,1401752,1401762,1401772,1401782,1401792,1401802,1401812,1401822,1401832,1401842,1401852,1401862,1401872,1401882,1401892,1401902,1401912,1401922"] read more

Jessica Lowndes At Casio Store's 1st Birthday

Photo Credit: FameFlynet, INF, PCN, WENN [gallery guid=805912] read more

Jessica Lowndes Is Busty

I keep forgetting who Jessica Lowndes is. Then her tits show up and I look her up again on IMDB. I suppose that's the power of a good bustier. It makes your search IMDB. Shit, I just forgot who she was again. Oh, wait, those amazing tits. Hang on. Here's Jessica on the... read more

Jessica Lowndes Who Dat Bikini

You've probably not seen that rebooted 90210 TV show. Unless you fall into the category of being pussy whipped or like staring at dudes with their shirts off or you're like my cousin Cooper who lies to his wife about hanging out at Navy bars despite never serving in the... read more

Friday morning headlines

LINDSAY LOHAN - was believed to be the favorite to play Victoria Gotti because Gotti is friends with Lindsays mom and was demanding it. Not true. "Though it was said that I insisted she play my part, that's not true. I didn't insist and actually have no say in who gets... read more

someone bought a push-up bra (it was Jessica Lowndes)

Sometimes attractive-sometimes not 90210 star Jessica Lowndes was a party last night for something that I forgot to write the name down for, but all that matters is that Jessica got a push up bra. These could actually be the definitive Jessica Lowndes pictures. She's... read more

Jessica Lowndes is a good model

90210 star Jessica Lowndes is in the new FHM, and she sort of looks like a young Jennifer Connelly here. Except Jennifer Connelly took her clothes off a lot when she was younger. It's called sharing Jessica. Stop being so stuck up. [gallery... read more

Merry Halloween!

Jessica Lowndes was on the '90210' set today, filming some scenes for an upcoming episode that will air around Christmas time. Either this is for a really sexy scene, or her character is anti-Semitic and she wants young Jews to abandon their religion. What an edgy show!... read more

Monday morning headlines

JESSICA SIMPSON - sang with a group of U.S. combat veterans last week in NYC for an upcoming holiday special, but her dad Joe cut it because the vets wore camouflage, and he thought they clashed with what Jessica wore. If Joe wanted Jess to look good, the vets should... read more